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PCB Assembly
Sat Oct 15, 2016 14:54

PCB AssemblySummaryOne-stationmanufacturing                         solutions·One-stop service in manufacturing.·Abundant product lines to meet any needs.·Real-time tracking of manufacturing progress.·Professional DFM technical support.·Focus on the production line to cost control.Development to MP, Single panel to HDI boards, Industrial equipment to consumer electronics,According to a variety of different needs, we can provide you with the best solutions and service.Fabrication CapabilityLayer count2 to 40L Drilling Hole to hole accuracy±0.075mm ±0.003i PTH Tolerance±0.05mmMaximum Panel size533×610mm21i×24iNPTH Tolerance±0.076/-0mm ±0.003i/-0iMinimum Board thickness0.60mm 0.024iRouting Edge to Edge accuracy±0.10mm ±0.004iMin.drill size0.20mm 0.0078iMaximum Board thickess2.4mm 0.0945iAspect Ratio6:1Stamping Edge to Edge accuracy±0.076mm ±0.003iMinimum core thickness(I/L)0.75mm 0.003iTrace width tolerance(≥4mils)±20%Minimum Cu thickness(Base)1/3 oz 12umMinimum trace width0.076mm 0.003iVee-cut Edge to Edge accuracy±0.127mm ±0.005iMaximum Cu thickness(Base)2.0 oz 70umRegistration(O/L)±0.076mm ±0.003i√ 1pcs OK   √ Meddle-small lot   √ BVH/IVH   √ Special material   √ Rigid and flexible   √ Halogen-free   √ ExpeditedProductsAssembly CapabilityMin. chip: 0201 (0603), 0402 (1005)Min. spacing: BGA 0.4mm Pitch, QFP/QFP 0.3mm PitchMax. size: 533×610mmSupport type: Manual welding, DIP plug-in, SMT, Cable making, BGA ball, Rework, Connector crimpingSupport product: Communications, Industrial control, Chip testing, Automotive electronics, Medical equipment,etc.Support mode: Processing, Feed processing, Bonded processing, Processing of non-bonded√ Japan imported equipment √ Two decades of experience √ Focus on prototyping √ Real-time progress trackingProduction lineSMT DIP assembly soldering.pdf url:

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