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Grinding Of Gun Drill
Sat Oct 15, 2016 17:48

If you are wondering how to choose grinding of gun drill, carbide drill bit, gun drilling tools, if you are checking products price, or if you are looking for high-quality products for sale, please feel free to contact Golden Stone Machinery, we are one of the leading China grinding of gun drill manufacturers equipped with professional factory.Blunt StandardDiameter of Gun DrillD<15D≥15Grinding Range of Blade0.2-0.40.4-0.6Standard Grinding Angle of Diameter ≤5.00mm Single Flute Gun DrillStandard Grinding Angle of Diameter 5.00mm – 20.00mm Single Flute Gun DrillStandard Grinding Angle of Diameter ≥20.00mm Single Flute Gun DrillAttention for Carbide Gun Drill’s Flute Grinding 1.Gun drill shall be compulsorily ground regularly. In other words, regrinding shall be conducted in case back wear extent of the cutter reaches the indicated size. 2.The feed amount each time for grinding shall not be excessive, which may cause the kentanium drill bit cracking and breaking, leading to personal injury. 3.The stressing direction of the bit in grinding shall be toward the cutter shim to prevent cutter damage resulted from drill stem shaking. 4.After the five cutting edges of the bit are ground, the corner angle between the back cutting edge of the bit and the bit guide shall be rounded with grinding wheel manually. 5.Gun drill shall be reground on special-purpose diamond grinding wheel; double-function grinding wheel can realize both coarse and precise grinding functions. 6.The dust generated when grinding the kentanium part of the gun drill is hazardous to human body, therefore, the operator shall wear protection glasses and face shield. url:

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