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QYZ Deep-hole Drilling Syetm
Sat Oct 15, 2016 17:50

Simple deep-hole drilling system, cutter-used gun drill for renovating common-use machine toolsQYZ deep-hole drilling system also is a gun drill machining system, suitable for machining medium and small lots. It can be easily matched with common-use machine tools such as turning mill, boring mill, and machining center etc. the cutter adopts gun drill and high-pressure aerial fog as cooling and chip-removal power.If QYZ deep-hole drilling system can be matched with a suitable CNC machine tool, its precision and efficiency can be utilized to the most. Application equipment: common-use turning mill                     Boring mill                     Machine center                      Radial drill                     Duplicating milling machine  If any more question, please don't be hesitate to contact us.  Email:  Whatsapp: 86 18740435523 Skype: gsm-grace url:

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