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Waste Water Treatment Chemical 42%
Sat Oct 15, 2016 19:12

Huizhou 3R Environmental Chemical Co.,Ltd is a top level China waste water treatment chemical 42% manufacturer and supplier,Website:, and with productive factory, we are also a professional company, welcome to buy or purchase cheap waste water treatment chemical 42% from us.waste water treatment chemical 42% EINECS No. :231-729-4CAS No. : 7705-08-0SYSTEMATIC NAME:waste water treatment chemical 42%OTHER NAME:Iron (III) Chloride, Iron tri ChlorideEMPIRICAL  FORMULA: FeCl3MOLECULAR Weight: 162.5 g/molAPPEARANCE: Dark brown liquidSPECIFICATIONS:Ferric chloride (as Fecl3): 42% minSpecific gravity:1.4 minInsoluble matter :0.5 % maxFree Acid (as  HCL):0.3 % maxFerrous Chloride(as Fecl2):0.25 % maxCopper (as Cu):  0.1 % maxNickel (as Ni):  0.1 % maxZinc (as Zn):0.1  % maxChromium (as Cr):  0.1 % maxLead (as Pb): 0.1  % maxArsenic (as As):  0.1 % maxCadmium (as Cd):  0.01 % maxArsenic (as Hg): 0.01 % maxPackage:     IBC,26 tons per 20GP container The above specifications and packings are our  standard ones, if you have your own, pls just let me know. We can do according  to your requirements.

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