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CE ROHS ESP8266 ESP-09 Remote Serial Port WIFI Transceiver W
Sat Oct 15, 2016 22:17

ESP8266 Serial Wifi Module ESP-09 For Toy Field Date InterfaceUART/HSPI/I2C/Ir Remote ContorlGPIO/PWMOperating Voltage 3.0-3.6V(suggest 3.3V)Operating Current 80mAOperating Temperature -40~125℃Storage Temperature Normal TemperatureSize 10*10*1.9mmPerpheral Interface N/A Software ParametersWlan Network Mode station/softAP/SoftAP+stationSecurity Mechanism WPA/WPA2Encryption Type WEP/TKIP/AESUpgrade Firmware Local serial burnNetworking Protocol IPv4,Website:,TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTPGeneral Description♦ ESP8266 UART is an ultra-low power consumption - WiFi passthrough module, highly competitive in the industry of packaging size and low power consumption technology, designed for mobile devices and Internet application, the user's physical devices can be connected to a wi-fi, to carry on the Internet or LAN communications, realize networking.♦ ESP8266 encapsulation mode is diversiform, antenna can support board PCB, IPEX interfaces and stamp hole three forms;♦ ESP8266 can be widely used in smart grid, smart transportation, intelligent furniture, handheld devices, industrial control, etcAntenna FormExtraposition: Stamps hole interfaceExtraposition: I-PEX connector,SMA connectorBuilt-in: PCB antennaApplication Area--latest version--serial CH340 turn wi-fi;--industrial passthrough DTU;--wi-fi remote monitor/control;--toys field;--color LED control;--fire control, security intelligent integration management;--Smart card terminals, wireless POS machine, wi-fi camera, handheld devices, etcFunctional DescriptionESP8266 can realize the main functions including:SerialApp,PWM adjust and control,GPIO control.SerialApp: Date transmission,the reliability of the transmission is good,the biggest transfer rate of: 460800bps.PWM adjust and control:lighting adjust,rgb led adjust,speed of motor etc.GPIO control: Control the medallion and relay.

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