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Petkoo Dog Diaper
Sun Oct 16, 2016 02:42

l  1/Super absorbent polymer fluff layer to absorb liquid quickly and lock it away to keep your pet dry and comfortablel  2/Leak guard efficiently prevents side leakagel  3/Magic tape can be used as many times as necessary and helps to adjust the size easilyl  4/Tail hole helps to fix the diaper use:1.Pheromone attracts the puppies to pee on the pads.2.Keep house and garden clean and dry.3.Control the odor to make the room fresh.4.Once the dog is accustomed to using the pads,they can be placed outdoors to encourage dogs to eliminate outside.ProductSizeLength*WidthTotal Wt.Waist/Hip sizePackagingCtn SizePet Diaper(PE Film,Cotton Pad,Non-woven,Velcro Tape)SS360*270mm16+/-1.5g23~46cm20pcs*8bag375*215*295mmS415*270mm19+/-2g26~48cm20pcs*8bag375*250*285mmM520*320mm33+/-3g30~54cm18pcs*8bag465*270*320mmL590*350mm39+/-4g33~63cm16pcs*8bag465*280*320mm url:

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