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4.4AH Remote Control Mower
Sun Oct 16, 2016 03:15

4.4AH robot mower SPM08-320Special features/product benefits●Obstacle deceleration and automatic obstacle avoidance●Automatic homeward charging●Automatic rain shelter●The time switch and operate reservation●Water proof function●Safety protection●Tool-free and regulation●Lithium batteryChapter of Operation●Set the virtual lineFix the copper wire (virtual line) with nails to define the mowing rang: the virtual line should be buries under the grass sod and meanwhile be fixed solidly to ensure the mower will not cut the virtual line and facilitate the usage next time.●Fix the charging centerUse special plastic stable bolt to fix the charging center.when fixing the charging center in lawn. Please firstly check the lawn status to faciliate confirming the best fixation place.●Start the machineThere are two independent operation modes as remote control and intelligent and three mowing manners as reciprocating linear motion. random linear motion and evolution motion. url:

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