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China SupFire 18650 with 3000mAh recharger lithium battery
Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:07

Quick DetailsPlace of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)Brand Name:SupFireModel Number:18650Type:Li-IonNominal Voltage:3.7Size:18mm * 66mm ± 0.05Nominal Capacity:2200mAhCapacity:2200mAh original batteryPackaging & DeliveryPackaging Details:50 pieces packed in one box. The weight of each box is 2.5kg.Delivery Detail:3days18650 battery 1.rechargerable lithium battery 2.2200mAh 3.3.7V 4.Used for Supfire flashlight5.greySpecifications: 18650Capacity: 2200mAh original batteryVoltage: 3.7vThe following internal resistance: 40Size: 18mm * 66mm ± 0.05Scope: digital camera batteries, laptop batteries, electric toy battery, flashlight batteryTo prevent battery leakage, explosion, fire happens, please note the following:- Do not put the battery into water or wet;- Do not heat source (like fire or heater) used near or storage battery;- Use original charger;- Do not put the positive and negative reversed;- Do not put the battery connected directly to a wall outlet or car cigarette lighter socket;- Do not put the battery into a fire or battery heating;- Prohibit the use of wire or other metal objects battery positive and negative short-circuit, prohibiting the transportation or storage of the battery with necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects;- Do not strike, throw or subject the battery to mechanical vibration;- Prohibit pierced with nails or other sharp objects the battery casing prohibited hammer or foot battery;- Prohibit soldered directly to the battery terminals;- Decomposition battery in any way is prohibited;- Prohibition to charge the battery under the conditions of the source of fire or extreme heat.- Prohibit the battery in a microwave oven or pressure vessel;- Prohibition with a battery (batteries) or different capacity models, varieties battery used in combination;- If the battery is in use or charging if the battery gives off an odor, fever, deformation, discoloration, or any other anomalies may not be used; should be removed with the device or charger and stop using immediately The battery should be placed out of the reach of small children, should seek immediate medical attention if the child accidentally swallowing the battery;- If the battery leaks or emits an odor, should immediately be removed from close to open flames; electrolyte leakage may cause a fire or explosion;- If the battery leaks electrolyte gets into your eyes, do not rub, rinse with water and seek medical assistance immediately. If not promptly treated eyes will hurt.- Do not use the battery in extreme heat, such as direct sunlight or hot days the car. Otherwise, the battery may overheat, may fire (ignited), and this will affect battery performance and shorten battery life.- When children use the battery, you need to be taught according to the contents of the user manual, and pay close attention to them to ensure that the proper use of the battery.- If the battery leaks, and the electrolyte get on skin or clothing immediately with flowing water to clean the affected area, or it may cause skin irritation.- Read the instructions of the battery of the device, the correct installation and removal of the battery.- If the equipment is not being used for a long period, remove the battery and place it in a cool, dry place, otherwise, the battery may be rusty or performance deterioration.- If the battery terminals are dirty, before using it with a dry cloth to wipe clean. Otherwise, the battery will be poor contact, causing energy loss can not be charged.- The battery can only be used under the following conditions, otherwise it will reduce battery performance or shorten battery life. In this temperature range using the battery may cause overheating, an explosion or fire.Working environment:Charging: 0 °c ~ 45°cDischarge: -20°c ~ 60°cStored for 30 days: -20°c  ~ 45°c Store 90 days: -20°c~ 35 ° url:

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