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Copper Nickel Alloys
Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:57

Copper Nickel Alloys StandardOwn StandardCuZnRestMelting Temperature RangeApplied Base MetalCu186(ISO)BCu97Nibalance2.5~3.5≤0.151083~1100Brazing Steel and Steel AlloyCopper Nickel Alloys  is applied to the brazing of stainless steel,Website:,hard alloys such as tungsten, molybdenum, iron, kovar, nickel etc, applied widely in the industries of machinery, electromechanical, refrigeration, automobile and bicycle etc. The product owns good properties such as excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and plasticity. The brazing should be done in reducing atmosphere, inert gas or vacuum.Preform Dimension Form Wire Dia LengthID (inner diameter) Width Thickness Rod 0.5---5.03---1000Ring 0.5---3.05---120Wire0.5—2.0Foil1.5--1200.15--2Strip1.5--1200.15--2If you require special dimension, please call or email directly. 

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