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Nickel Bronze Brazing Alloy
Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:58

nickel bronze brazing alloyStandardOwn StandardCuZnRestMelting Temperature RangeApplied Base MetalRBCuZn-D46.0~50.0balanceNi:9.0~11.0Si:0.04~0.25921~935Copper, Bronze, SteelNickel bronze brazing alloy is mainly used for brazing of copper, bronze and steel, etc. Must be strictly clearing grease, oxide and other dirt on the surface of the metal, before brazing. The fluxes  are recommended to be used. The strength of joint is high. Preform Dimension Form Wire Dia LengthID (inner diameter) Width Thickness Rod 0.5---5.03---1000Ring 0.5---3.05---120Wire0.5—2.0Foil1.5--1200.15--2Strip1.5--1200.15--2If you require special dimension, please call or email directly. url:

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