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Medium-silver Copper Phosphorus Brazing Alloy
Sun Oct 16, 2016 12:59

medium-silver copper phosphorus brazing alloyStandardOwn StandardCupAg RestMelting Temperature RangeApplied Base MetalBCuP-5BCu80AgP(15B)Balance4.8~5.214.5~15.5/645~800brazing of copper and copper alloysBCuP-818BBalance6.0~6.717.2~18643~666brazing of copper and copper alloysCuP 285a(ISO)BCu75AgP(20B)Balance5.8~6.319~21/645~645Brazing of copper and copper alloysThe product is used for brazing of copper ,copper alloys and other alloys. It has lower melting point,  more excellent fluidity, better brazing properties than the low-silver copper phosphorus brazing alloy. The brazing joint has high mechanical strength and smooth surface. When brazing copper,flux is unnecessary,but an appropriate flux is recommended when brazing copper alloys in order to get a high quality brazing joint. The product is applied in higher requirements of the field. Preform Dimension Form Wire Dia LengthID (inner diameter) Width Thickness Rod 0.5---5.03---1000Ring 0.5---3.05---120Wire0.5—2.0Foil1.5--1200.15--2Strip1.5--1200.15--2If you require special dimension, please call or email directly. url:

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