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Aluminum Brazing Alloy
Sun Oct 16, 2016 13:00

Aluminum brazing alloy StandardOwn StandardAlSiRestMelting Temperature RangeApplied Base MetalBAlSi-2BAl92SiBalance6.8-8.2577~618Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysBAlSi-3BAl86SiCuBalance9.3-10.7Cu:3.3-4.7521~585Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysBAlSi-4BAl88SiBalance11-13577~582Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysBAlSi-5BAl90SiBalance9-11577~591Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysBAlSi-7BAl89SiMgBalance9-10.5Mg:1.0-2.0559~596Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysBAlSi-9BAl88Si(Mg)Balance11-13Mg:0.1-0.5562~582Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysBAlSi-11BAl89SiMg(Bi)Balance9-10.5Mg:1.0-2.0Bi:0.02-0.2559~596Brazing Aluminum and Aluminum AlloysAluminum alloys solder is applied for joinning aluminum to aluminum alloys, or some aluminum solders can be used for joinning aluminum to copper. It is not suitable for joinning other metals as the oxide on the surface of aluminum solder is difficult to be removed, furthermore the brittle intermetallic compounds formed by aluminum and other metals effect the quality of joint. Al-Si solder has good fluidity and plasticity, the joint owns excellent corrosion resistance. It is widely applied in form of plate and wire. Preform Dimension Form Form Form Form Form Form Rod 0.5---5.03---1000Ring 0.5---3.05---120Wire0.5—2.0Foil1.5--1200.25--2Strip1.5--1200.25--2If you require special dimension, please call or email directly. url:

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