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Truck-Mounted Boom Lifts
Sun Oct 16, 2016 17:20

Product instruction

Truck mounted boom lift  is a 360 ° rotating lift off people or goods hydraulic lifting tool.


Mobile convenience 

Simple operation 

Large work surface 

Good balance of performance characteristics 


Truck mounted boom lift are widely used in municipal,Website:, electricity, street lighting, advertising, communications, photography, landscape, transportation, terminals, airports, ports, large industrial and mining industries such as installation and maintenance of climbing operation.

Suitable for all kinds of outdoor rugged terrain, a wide range of space operations, mainly used in construction, bridge construction, construction, shipbuilding, airports, mines, ports, communications and power facilities and outdoor advertising construction equipment.

Lifting : 1.with a 380-220V power supply

            2.the power supply is not convenient, you can use battery-driven lift.

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