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Telescopic Boom Lifts
Sun Oct 16, 2016 17:26

Production introduction1.compact structure :the structure with size lower than 16m and the electric motor type are compact ,which makeshift the boom can go through small openings and operate in small space 2.Traveling system The closed circuit hydraulic traveling system consisting of electro-proportional variable pump ,hydraulic control variable motor and flow distribution Vale can gain relatively ,high drive speed and relatively low and stable move speed ,the system workshop efficiently and generates less heat 3.power and gas supply in platform As per the requirement Oscar users ,the platform can be equipped with AC380v power and compressed air pipe to meet the user’s special requirement 4.Functions of positioning upward &outward and crossing The articulating boom machine offers multi-faceted functions of positioning upward ,outward and crossing ,so that you can reach whatever place you want to go through various ways 5.Complete safety devicesStandard configuration include four-link weighing devices ,overload protection ,automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height (automatic amplitude limiter ).automatic control of the movement speed of the boom and traveling speed ,and high precision load sensor ,to ensure the safety and stability in all directions 6.Larger lift capacity The boom is made of high strength steel and has sufficient strength and capacity of preventing from flexural deformation by adoption of modern design tools such as finite element analysis and dynamic simulation ,the boom meets the lightweight design requirements and has much larger working radius and larger lift capacity .7.JIB with large range of actThe JIB angle ranges from -55.~+75.,so you can reach the place you want to go without operating the main boom8.Emergency descend system it guarantees that the boom can retract and descend in case of failure of the engine and oil pump9.Anti-collision switchit is used to prevent the platform from further moving in case of collision with obstacles upward10.electric systemthe operating button should be visual and easy-to-understand protection class should up to IP6511.Extendable axlewhen the axle extend ,the whole machine can be operated stably, when the axle retracts ,the storage and movement space occupied be narrowed12.Rotatable platformthe Rotatable actuator with standard configuration can make the rotation range of the platform reach ±80. .which makes your work more flexible13.driving mode4*2/4*4(optional)the four-wheel drive is powerful with great grade ability14.foldable JIBthe motion of the 26m-long foldable JIB ranges from 160.In the horizontal plane and ranges from -55.The  foldable JIB works more flexible with a wider range and can cross the obstacles ,so transportation is more convenient.Type list Max working height15.9m17.7m19.7m21.7m21.7m24.1m25.7mMax lifting height14.2 m16m18m20m20m22.4m24mMax horizontal working radius8m9.5m10.43m11.7 m13.3m13.3m13.3mLoad capacity230kg230kg230kg230kg230kg230kg230kgcrossing height7.75m7.75m8.5m8.5m8.75m8.75m8.75mLength (stowed)6.2m6.8m8.25m9.23m9.2m10.1m10.7mWidth2.29m2.29m2.35m2.35m2.49 m2.49m2.49mHeight (stowed )2.38m2.38m2.38m2.39m2.82m2.82m2.82mwheelbase2.2m2.2m2.6m2.6m2.6m2.6m2.6mGround clearance430mm430mm430mm430mm330mm330mm330mmPlatform size1.83X0.76m1.83X0.76m1.83X0.76m1.83X0.76m1.83X0.76m1.83X0.76m1.83X0.76mSpeed(stowed)6.3km/h6.3km/h6.3km/h6.3km/h6.3km/h6.3km/h6.3km/hSpeed(rising or horizontal)1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/hGrade ability max40%30%30%30%30%30%30%Solid tire33 x12-2033 x12-2033 x12-2033 x12-2033 x12-2033 x12-2033 x12-20Turning speed0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~0.8rpm0~1/3rpm0~1/3rpm0~1/3rpmswing360°连续  Continuouslevel自动调平  Automatic levelingPlatform swing±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°Capacity of tank100L100L100L100L100L100L100LTotal weight7577kg7657kg7750kg8617kg10000kg10350kg10550kgSystem voltage 12V 12V12V12V12V12V12VDriven type4x2x24x2x24x2x24x2x24x2x24x2x24x2x2EngineCummins B3.3-C80Engine power45kw/2200rpm Max working height13.75m15.46m17.505m19.8m31.7m39.8m42m47mMax lifting height12.05m13.76m15.805m18m30m38.1m40.3m45.3mMax horizontal working radius6.15 m7.88m10.2m9.85m20.2m18.1m21.6m19.2mLoad capacity230kg230kg230kg230kg230kg230kg230kg230kgcrossing height7.6m7.6m7.6m8.5m12.2m18.65m23.6m24.5mLength (stowed)5.5m6.24m7.9 m8.1m10.06m11.46m11m13.04mWidth1.75m1.75m2m2.38m2.49m2.49m2.49 m2.49mHeight (stowed )2m2m2m2.38m3.165m3.05m3.05m3.17mwheelbase2m2m2.2m2.6m3.66m3.96m3.96m3.9mGround clearance0.2m0.2m0.2m0.3m430mm430mm430mm430mmPlatform size1.53X0.76m1.53X0.76m1.53X0.76m1.83X0.76m2.44X0.91m2.44X0.91m2.44X0.91m2.44X0.91mSpeed(stowed)5km/h5km/h5km/h5km/h4.4km/h4.4km/h4.4km/h4.4km/hSpeed(rising or horizontal)0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h0.8km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/h1.1km/hGrade ability max30%30%30%25%40%40%40%40%Solid tire250-15250-15250-1533X12-2012.00-2012.00-2012.00-2012.00-20Turning speed0~1/3rpm0~1/3rpm0~1/3rpm0~1/3rpm0~0.8rpm0~1/3rpm0~1/3rpm0~0.8rpmswing360°连续  Continuouslevel自动调平  Automatic levelingPlatform swing±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°±80°Capacity of tank    151L151L151 L151LTotal weight6500kg6780kg7110kg7650kg18000kg20000kg21000kg21000kgSystem voltage24V24V24V24V24V24V24V24VDriven type6.5 x 2kw6.5 x 2kw6.5 x 2kw6.5 x 2kw4x4x44x4x44x4x44x4x4Engine Cummins B3.3-C80Engine power 45kw/2200rpm url:

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