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Portable Elements Analyzers
Sun Oct 16, 2016 20:22

Main FeaturesThe whole machine adopts the modular design. The electronic circuits is highly integrated,Website:, stable and reliable.Adopt high speed sampling chip with high precision and fast.The main unit and computer use USB2.0 interface communication which greatly improve the speed of communication.The infrared detection unit connect with high frequency furnace by high-speed optical fiber (patent) which thoroughly to eliminate the high frequency interference.The new infrared light source which is fever continuously and high efficiency spectrum.Adopt gold plated carbon sulfur analysis pool and high-precision infrared detector.Automatic leak detection for pneumatic system with alarm function.High precision flow controller guarantee the stability of air flow and inlet gas circuit system.Amd hole metal filter which ensure the complete separation of dust and gas.Automatic cleaning and ash discharge system which thoroughly clean the pipe and reduce dust on the result of analysis

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