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Drill Bit Extension
Mon Oct 17, 2016 01:42

This quad flute drill bit is constructed of 4241 high speed steel for the best combination of strength,Website:,heat resistance,and wear resistance. It is also if nice finish,very good out -looking ,and superior quality.     Part No    Metric  ImperialGT-T12010    10mm    3/8”GT-T12011    11mm    7/16”GT-T12012    12mm    15/32”GT-T12013    13mm    1/2”GT-T12014    14mm    9/16”GT-T12015    15mm    19/32”GT-T12016    16mm     5/8”GT-T12018    18mm     11/16”GT-T12019    19mm     3/4”GT-T12020    20mm     25/32”GT-T12021    21mm     13/16”GT-T12022    22mm     7/8”GT-T12024    24mm     15/16”GT-T12025    25mm     1”GT-T12026    26mm     1-1/32”GT-T12028    28mm     1-1/8”GT-T12030    30mm     1-3/16”GT-T12032    32mm     1-1/4”GT-T16534    34mm     1-11/32”GT-T16535    35mm     1-3?8”GT-T16536    36mm     1-13/32”GT-T16538    38mm     1-1/2”GT-T16540    40mm     1-9/16”

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