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Quick Turnaround PCB
Mon Oct 17, 2016 20:19

Jetek-Pcb Co.,Limited is one of the leading China quick turnaround pcb manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale quick turnaround pcb from our factory.product nameQuick turnaround PCB Product SpecificationsFR-4 1.6MM 1/1OZYellow solder mask/Black silkscreen, ENIG product descriptionBoard material: FR-4 TG≥130Board thickness: 1.6mmPCB Layers: 4 layersCopper thickness: 1oz Surface finishing: HASLSolder mask: YellowSilk screen: BlackMin line width: 0.15mmMin line spacing: 0.15mmMin hole size: 0.50Impedance control: No Buried and blind holes: NoSpecial process: No * All products approved by ISO9001/TS16949 and UL certificate* High quality products on Easy & safely way* Quick turn & Reasonable price & excellent quality & Professional service* Paypal payment for secure client's funds* 100% open/shorted testing   Product TipsNowadays PCBs are designed with dedicated layout software, generally in the following steps:* Schematic capture through an electronic design automation (EDA) tool.* Card dimensions and template are decided based on required circuitry and case of the PCB.* The positions of the components and heat sinks are determined.* Layer stack of the PCB is decided, with one to tens of layers depending on complexity. Ground and power planes are decided. A power plane is the counterpart to a ground plane and behaves as an AC signal ground while providing DC power to the circuits mounted on the PCB. Signal interconnections are traced on signal planes. Signal planes can be on the outer as well as inner layers. For optimal EMI performance high frequency signals are routed in internal layers between power or ground planes.* Line impedance is determined using dielectric layer thickness, routing copper thickness and trace-width. Trace separation is also taken into account in case of differential signals. Microstrip, stripline or dual stripline can be used to route signals.* Components are placed. Thermal considerations and geometry are taken into account. Vias and lands are marked.* Signal traces are routed. Electronic design automation tools usually create clearances and connections in power and ground planes automatically.* Gerber files are generated for manufacturing. Company ProfileWe know almost all electronic engineers got a problem to found a right manufacturer to make  PCB prototypes & small batch order because big factories don't want to make small orders, they always gave high price and very long delivery time, they can't provide fast delivery service. The small factories gave low price, but their quality control and service/English communication are not good, they can't meet customer’s request also. This is why we made JETEK and we are committed to make JETEK become a professional PCB supplier with rapid response、sincere service、excellent quality and reasonable price. Of course we also accept high volume PCB order.JETEK’s engineers and workers are most have many years working experience, we supply our products all around the world. We have perfect processes to allow you to get the high quality PCB with door to door service with fastest turnaround, all of our PCBs approved by ISO9001/TS16949 and UL certificate.Our Vision is to help people around the world to get high quality PCBs on an Easy & safely way.Our advantage is Fast delivery time & Reasonable price & excellent quality & Professional service.For the convenience of customers, we have the value-added services on Laser SMT stencil & PCB assembly.Contact us now to get the best quality PCBs at cheap price & easy way!  Contact  url:

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