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Alumina Threaded Rod
Mon Oct 17, 2016 22:11

Alumina Threaded Rod Pro files:Alumina Threaded Rod,mainly used in the production of industrial ceramics,such as textiles and ceramics.99 porcelain is mainly used in the production casing Tancifaxin take over the seat of electronic products such as ceramics plates.Alumina Threaded Rod specifications AL2O3≥95%CaO1.5%SiO22%Na2O                             <0.3%MgO<0.1Fe2O3<0.02%TiO2<0.006Alumina Threaded Rod Physical propertiesDensityg/cm3≥3.6Bending strengthMPa300Compressive strengthMPa3400HardnessHV0.51800Porosity%0ColorRed, pink, black, white, cream   url:

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