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DMX LED Mini Q-Ball
Tue Oct 18, 2016 06:33

DMX 3D Mini Ball is new arrival for 3D effects lighting.It comes in a light yellow PC housing,tiny body but with mighty power.It delivers performance even better than large-sized DMX 3D Ball.With a smaller,oval-shaped body,it lets you have the uncompromising performance you would expect from a LED screen.It is capable of making curtain matrix for spectacular 3D effects and  image or video playback.It is controllable by our local Master and Slave controller only. Each ball works individually and there will be no chained effects when one ball or one string shuts down.          MADRIX 3D Double sided LEDs make it visible for 360°.Use Madrix software to get stunning 3D design out of this fixture.ARTISTIC DESIGNThere is a crystal ball at the end of each string adding some weight to make the string of balls hang straight down;it gives the artistic elements as well.INDOOR/OUTDOORIt’s commonly used indoor.Get your custom solution if you expect the waterproof version of this fixture.Master/Slave ControlIt's controllable only by our local control system.It consists ofSlave controller with 4 outputs, 512 channels for each,and  Master controller that controls up to 16 slaves.That means one complete system will control 10880 pixels in total. DMX Mini Q-Ball3C-Mini-10P3C-Mini-16P3C-Mini-20P3C-Mini-24PLED QTY 2 LEDs Per Ball Light SourceSMD3535 Color RGB Beam Angle360°Gray Scale 16 bits VoltageDC7.5V  Wattage5W8W10W12WSize(Oval-Shaped) 14.6mm(W)/28.4 mm(L)Size(Oval-Shaped)0.57" (W)/1.12"(L)DiffuserLight Yellow PC HousingWorking Temperature* -35℃~50℃Environment *IndoorBall QTY/m*10pcs/m16pcs/m20pcs/m24pcs/mProtocol DMX512  ControllerMaster/ Slave Controller(Local) Channels3CH Per BallDMX Addressability Manually *Custom Solution Available  url:

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