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900W Lithium Battery Charger With Efficiency More Than 90% A
Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:02

The 900W Lithium battery charger can charge the batteries 12V up to 84V for electric sweepers, electric boats, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf cart, electric tractor, electric lift trucks, and so on. Product Features: 1) The charger inside is integrated with power factor correction (PFC) circuit, which can make zero pollution and avoid large current shock for the power grid; 2) High efficiency, small size, light weight: The charger is with over 90% efficiency. Proper structure as well as nice thermal design make the charger small and light with good portability; 3) Exclusive precharge mode supplies activate, repair and prolonging life functions for long-term unused or deep sleep batteries; 4) LED indicates the status of the battery make it more clear on charging situation; 5) The charger is reliable with multiple protections, such as over temperature protection, output short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, output over-voltage protection, battery failure protection, that prevent damage by faulty operationsProduct Specification:Item No.Product NameRated Input Voltage (Vac)Standard Voltage (Vdc)Max. Output Voltage (Vdc)Max. Output Current (A)Sealed Lead-acid BatteryFlooded Lead-acid BatteryKR-5900W24900W 24V/30A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2402429.431.830KR-5900W36900W 36V/20A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2403644.147.720KR-5900W48900W 48V/15A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2404858.863.615KR-5900W60900W 60V/12A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2406073.579.512KR-5900W72900W 72V/10A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2407288.295.410KR-5900W84900W 84V/8.5A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~24084102.9111.38.5KR-5900S24900W 24V/30A Lead-acid Battery Charger220/1102429.431.830KR-5900S36900W 36V/20A Lead-acid Battery Charger220/1103644.147.720KR-5900S48900W 48V/15A Lead-acid Battery Charger220/1104858.863.615KR-5900S60900W 60V/12A Lead-acid Battery Charger220/1106073.579.512KR-5900S72900W 72V/10A Lead-acid Battery Charger220/1107288.295.410KR-5900S84900W 84V/8.5A Lead-acid Battery Charger220/11084102.9111.38.5Note: a. Output voltage and current can be customized. url:

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