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1200W Lithium / Lead Acid Battery Charger With Dimensions Of
Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:02

The 1200W Lithium / lead acid battery charger is widely used for electro mobile, electric forklift, electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, electric sweepers, electric boats, electric sightseeing cars, electric golf cart, electric tractor, electric lift trucks, electric medical equipment, electric transportation trucks.Product Features: 1) Single voltage input or full voltage full is optional. Considering cost saving, people can choose the single voltage input 90-130VAC or 180-264VAC. 2) The charger case is made of aluminum alloy with surface oxidation treatment, high-grade, fashion, good heat dissipation ability, high hardness, antioxidative, non-fading.; 3) Advanced technologies: Switching type and MCU controlled 4 stages charging stages can supervise the whole charging process and let the battery under best electrochemical reaction status, control the temperature rise and threshold voltage, that avoid overcharge or underfill, reduce gas evolution and water loss, prevent battery polarization, vulcanization and thermorunaway, extend the battery service life; 4) Built in active power factor correction circuit and the PF is greater than 0.98; 5) The charger is reliable with multiple protections, such as over temperature protection, output short-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, output over-voltage protection, battery failure protection, that prevent damage by faulty operations.Product Specification:Item No.Product NameRated Input Voltage (Vac)Standard Voltage (Vdc)Max. Output Voltage (Vdc)Max. Output Current (A)Sealed Lead-acid BatteryFlooded Lead-acid BatteryKR-51200W241200W 24V/40A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2402429.431.840KR-51200W361200W 36V/27A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2403644.147.727KR-51200W481200W 48V/20A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2404858.863.620KR-51200W601200W 60V/16A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2406073.579.516KR-51200W721200W 72V/13.5A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~2407288.295.413.5KR-51200W961200W 96V/10A Lead-acid Battery Charger100~24096117.6127.210KR-51200S241200W 24V/40A Lead-acid Battery Charger2202429.431.840KR-51200S361200W 36V/27A Lead-acid Battery Charger2203644.147.727KR-51200S481200W 48V/20A Lead-acid Battery Charger2204858.863.620KR-51200S601200W 60V/16A Lead-acid Battery Charger2206073.579.516KR-51200S721200W 72V/13.5A Lead-acid Battery Charger2207288.295.413.5KR-51200S961200W 96V/10A Lead-acid Battery Charger22096117.6127.210Note:  Output voltage and current can be customized. url:

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