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Apple Drying Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:04

What is KINKAI Apple Drying Machine?KINKAI Heat pump dryer is use of reverse Carnot principle .With free air to absorb heat and transfer it to the drying chamber, drying room temperature to achieve improved, with the appropriate humidity and dehumidification equipment to achieve dry materials. heat pump dryer Compressor - heat exchangers - Chokes - heat sink (outside the machine) - Compressor and other devices constitute a refrigerant cycle system. Under the action of the compressor in the refrigerant circulating in the system flow, it is done in the gaseous booster compressor heating process (temperature up to 100 ℃), releasing it into the machine dry in room temperature air heated by the heat, while they have been and converted to liquid cooling flow, when it runs out machines, liquid absorbs heat quickly evaporates once again transformed into a gaseous state, while the temperature dropped to minus 20 ℃ --30 ℃, then the air around the heat sink will continuously transferring heat to the refrigerant. Refrigerant continuous cycle to achieve the heat in the air transport to the drying room heating room air temperature to achieve the purpose of dry material.Technical Parameters
     ModelUnitJK03RDJK06RDJK10RDJK12RDPower SupplyV/PH/HZ220/1/50
     380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50Power InputKW4.88.513.515Rated CurrentA22A(220V) 9.6A(380V)172730Dehumidification amountL/H12254250Max. hot air temperature℃75757575Working ambient
     temperature℃0-430-430-430-43NoisedB(A)75757575Auxiliary electric heaterKW36912Blowing type/Horizontal Blowing 360℃Dimensionmm1675*860*12801760*1060*12802120*1360*1590WeightKG260380480540Features
 1. Most of the air is circulated in the drying chamber. The heat efficiency is high and energy is saved.
 2. By using the forced ventilation function, there are the adjustable air distribution plates inside the oven. The materials can be dried uniformly.
 3. The heating source can use the electricity and air source
 4. The temperature: hot air heating 10-75°C, max, 75°C. The temperature using the electrical:50-90°C
 5. Low noise, balanced operation, automatically temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.
 6. The application is wide. The machine can be used for drying various materials and is versatile drying equipment.
 7. The baking plate dimensions custom-made as customer request.ProjectsFAQ Q1: Why choose KINKAI heat pump dryer?Heating ModeElectric heatingCoal BollerOil-fired BoilerGas BollerBiomass StoveRegular Heat Pump dryerKINKAI Latest Heat Pump DryerRemove 1kg of water required heat energyAccording to information provided by the relevant authority of the document, the average 1kg of water to remove heat energy required for 1.35 kw/kg,namely 4860 kj/kgFuel typeElectricCoalDieselGasBiomass fuelsElectricElectricHeat value3600 kj/kg23027 kj/kg33494 kj/kg36006 kj/kg17459 kj/kg3600 kj/kg3600 kj/kgThermal efficiency95%30%85%85%90%350%400%Effective thermal value3420 kj/kg6906 kj/kg28469 kj/kg30605 kj/kg15713 kj/kg12600 kj/kg14400 kj/kgFuel price0.1$ /kwh0.1$ /kg1.2$ /L0.8$ /m30.2$ /kg0.1$ /kwh0.1$ /kwhFuel consumption1.42kwh0.7kg0.17L0.159m30.375kg0.386kwh0.337kwhFuel consumption ($)1.420.71.260.7950.370.390.33Labor management, warehousing costsHigherHighHighHighLowLowLowSafety performanceUnsafeUnsafeUnsafeUnsafeSafeSafeSafeEnvironmental pollutionNoneVery seriousMore seriousMore seriousLight pollutionNoneNoneLife of equipment5-8 years6-9 years6-9 years6-9 years8-12 years10-15 years10-15 yearsQ2: How to install it? A2: We will send you the installation drawing and video Q3: What about payment item? A3: TT, 30% deposit,70% balance before shipping  Q4: What is the warranty for the meat drying machine? A4: one year. url:

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