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Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:15

LEAD FREE WHITE PVC PROFILELead free pvc profile is the trend of the pvc window industry.Hazards of lead1 Lead have pro neurotoxicity,Website:, which can cause significant and direct damage to children’s, especially infants’ central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The toxic neurological effects of lead often show obvious clinical manifestations. During the subclinical stage before this, the toxic neurological will cause harmful effects to children’s intelligence and behavioral development. 2Lead can weaken the resistance of the body against pathogenic microorganisms, so that increasing body' susceptibility. The main reason is that lead inhibits the function of T cells and weakens its ability for immune regulation greatly. 3 Lead can also cause great harm to cardiovascular system.4 Lead have strong reproductive toxicity, embryo toxicity and teratogenic effect, even small amount of lead exposure may affect fetal growth and development process, resulting in deformity, premature birth, birth weight and so on.European standardLead contact<1000 ppm(<0.1%)Standard of HuazhijieLead contact<200 ppm(0.02%) [1/5 of European standard]The performances of HUAZHIJIE lead free profiles are higher than the demands of RoHS which can make the doors and windows avoid discoloration of acid rain, sulfide and so on during use 

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