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Extrusion Lamination Machine For Mat Or Under Pad Alcohol Pr
Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:18

If you are looking for new design, full automatic extrusion lamination machine for mat or under pad alcohol prep pad, or you are going to import high speed PLC control products from a such factory, or you are planning to check the price with a such golden supplier, with large output extrusion lamination machine for mat or under pad alcohol prep pad for sale and providing with extrusion coating lamination machine for mat or under pad alcohol prep pad, multilayer extrusion lamination machine for mat or under pad alcohol prep pad, extrusion lamination coating plant for mat or under pad alcohol prep pad, co-extrusion laminating machine for mat or under pad alcohol prep pad on promotion, Yuzhe Intl Trading Company is always at your service.

Ⅰ. Performance and Characteristics

Model HDLF65 × 2-1000 multilayer coating and laminating machine is the most advanced products. It is composed of power systems, pneumatic systems, electronic systems and mechanical systems. The main part consists of four sets of extruder, three sets of dies (one of which is double-layer synchro extruding die), three sets of forming system, two sets of automatic unwinding system and winding system. Unwinding and winding adopt vector inverter control system, automatically changing roll without reducing the operating speed. Each extruder system adopts imported PLC program, man-machine conversation operation to control the speed and traction (formation). The whole machine is linkage, numerically display unwinding, winding, extrusion, reaction (formation), speed and counter.

Many customers have used this kind of equipment, they are all satisfied with it as follows: high automatization, low consumption, high rate of finished products, steady quality, multifunctional , easy operation and service, little troubles. This kind of equipment is quite mature in the market for many years. It has got high reputation in dairy industry and beverage industry and the key technical has got the state intellectual rights protection with the Patent Number of (01244742.0) and (02220838.0).  The products have achieved and exceeded the state standard (detailed information in our test report).

The most suitable products: Kraft-coated white card paper (printing), brick shaped, pillow shaped, roof shaped paper-based coated material, which used for packaging milk, fruit juice, tea drinks with 2~12 months shelf life ,made of four-layer coating basis material of aluminum foil(of seven-layer paper-based coated material) .

Ⅱ.Main technical parameter

1.Screw& pole: φ90mm,L/D:32:1,material: 38CrMoAl, nitrogen treated, two sets; φ65mm,32:1, material: 38CrMoAl, nitrogen treated , double sets( one is against acid, inside surface coated with hard chromium);

2. ”T” shape Flexible mould: new type featheredge mold(Jingcheng Mold),material: 5CrNiMoV (processed with Chrome Plated). Two sets of single deck mould and one set of double deck common extruder mold (against acid, inside surface coated with hard chromium);

3. The gear box of extender adopts high strength hard tooth surface. It has the features of high obturation, good reliability , large output, low noise, long using life ,steady transmission and others;

4.Unwinding substrate requirements: 50~250gsm roll base paper, roll aluminum foil;

5. Raw material: PE,PP and so on (coating grade);

6. Coating effective width: 600~1000mm;

7. Coating film thickness : 0.012~0.035 (Single layer);

8. Coating evenness: error ±6%(international stand);

9. Strength of peeling off: 3~5 N/30mm according to the actual coating material;

10. Max extrude output: screw pole is φ65mm:90Kg/h(single group),screw pole is φ90mm:180kg/h(single group);

11. Mechanical speed: 0~120m/min;

12.Unwinding frame adopts double work shafts turning and winging with high speed. It can change roll without reducing speed. Automatic cutting, unwinding tension adopt vector inverter to control automatically( Imported PLC mould controlling system,wimble tension)

13. The first unwinding rectifying system adopts trolley type automatic pneumatic rectifying device with rectifying journey: ±100mm, deviation rectifying precision: ±0.5mm; 

The second unwinding rectifying system adopts inch move rectifying with rectifying journey: 150mm;

14. Rewinding adopts double shaft turning and winging center unwinding method with high speed. It can change roll without reducing speed. Automatic cutting, rewinding tension adopt vector inverter to control automatically ( foreign PLC mold controlling ,wimble tension);

15. Automatic meter accounting system which gives an alarm when need to change roll;

16.Unwinding frame and rewind frame adopt double shaft double work shaft turning and rewinding with automatic cutting, max roll diameter: 1000mm;

17. Pneumatic roller of unwinding and rewinding: 3” (diameter: φ76mm);

18. Imported PLC mould synchronization system which controls the tension ,extruder, speed and others;

19. Total power: about 410Kw;

20. Dimension size (L×W×H): 23800mm×6800mm×4430(mm);

21. Gross weight: about 33500kg.

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