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Hopper Dryer
Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:38

NHD series direct-drive hopper dryers are the most efficient and rapidly economical and applied machine to dry the plastics material, it can dry the wet material for package ,transportation of recycle, all the models can choose to add the 24-hour timer, a week timer or microcomputer control(containing P.I.D)temperature automatic controller,99-hour time, fault indication.Features:1. New generation of standard hot air dryer, improved functions as to be more environment concern;2. Energy saving. Decreasing heat lost by recycling, save electricity greatly;3. Improved efficiency concentration of thermal energy, dehumidification facilities able to expel moisture rapidly, speed drying;4. Environment cleaning. Airtight design, able to filter out powder material during dryingcircle, eliminate contamination, decrease high temperature of working environment brought by drying;Special filter to withstand 150 degree high temperature blower assuring safe operation. url:

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