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Hole Opener And Reamer
Tue Oct 18, 2016 08:48

Hole Opener Fixed Diameter Hole Opener is used for enlarging the drilling hole, which is applies to Onshore and Offshore oilfield industry.Cutters available:SM: soft to medium formationMH: medium to hard formationXH: hard formationPlease specify when ordering:Size, Cutter types ( or formation), Connections.                                                                              SM                      MH                        XH Technical Parameters -- Hole Opener ModelHole open diameter Qty of cuttersMin.Pilot holeFishing neck diameter I.D.Top connection(Pin)Bottom connection (Box) Overall LengthKKQ31112 1/4"38 1/2"8"1 1/2"6 5/8REG6 5/8REG55"KKQ40616"310"9 1/2"2 1/4"7 5/8REG6 5/8REG59"KKQ44417 1/2"310"9 1/2"2 1/4"7 5/8REG6 5/8REG59"KKQ55922"312 3/4"9 1/2"2 1/4"7 5/8REG6 5/8REG69"KKQ58423"312 3/4"8"3"7 5/8REG6 5/8REG69"KKQ61024"314"10"3"7 5/8REG7 5/8REG69"KKQ66026"317 1/2"10"3"7 5/8REG7 5/8REG69"KKQ4-91436"426"10"3 1/2"7 5/8REG7 5/8REG87"Roller Reamer Roller reamer is designed for various reaming operation. It can be used in hard formation or abrasive formation, in order to keep the standard hole size. When the bit size is under the standard size, it can ream the well bottom size to standard hole size. Whether drilling the vertical well or directional well, it can make the bit or casing come into the normal hole size. The features of roller reamer are small frictional resistance with well wall, strong abrasive resistance and long life.Cutters available:Type T:  Soft formationType F:  Medium hard formationType B:  Hard formationPlease specify when ordering:Size, Cutter types ( or formation), Connections.      Type B                           Type F                          Type TTechnical Parameters -- Roller ReamerModel O.D.(mm) I.D.(mm) connection Hole size(in)WG15515531.7NC386 1/8WG20020038NC467 7/8WG21221244NC508 3/8WG21521544NC508 1/2WG24424457NC509 5/8WG311311716 5/8REG12 1/4WG444444767 5/8REG17 1/2WG558558767 5/8REG22WG660660767 5/8REG26WG711711767 5/8REG28WG914914767 5/8REG36If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us by url:

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