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Children Wet Wipes
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:08

INTRODUCTION´╝ÜCan sterilize pyogenic coccus and pathogenic enteric bacillus effectively to clean children's skin. The wipes can bring your children healthy and comfortable feeling for daily use.First choice for children's skincareUsage:Open pouch by peeling back the seal and use wipes directly on children. Please reseal the seal after using to keep the wipes moist.Product Features:Super soft Non-woven fabric composed with natural wood pulp and cottonPurified,Website:, de-ionized and reverse osmosis WaterFree from Alcohol, formaldehyde and LanolinUnique moistening ingredients and Natural Sterilization factorsNo incitation to delicate skinPure, temperate, super touching feeling, deep skincareAvailable in:Children Skincare Wipes, 50 wipes 200*100mm

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