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Cometto series Modular trailer, Cometto Series hydraulic mod
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:12

Cometto Series Modular TrailerAdvantageOur C3.0 hydraulic modular trailer is able to fully connect and work with original Cometto Series modular vehicles. It also can connect with Drop deck,Website:, Spacer, Extendable Vessel Bridge, Turntable, Girder Bridge to transport special cargo.  Feature                         Carol HY +86 186290727951. Tie rods(linkage rods) deployed near outside of the trailer, which makes maintenance and rods relocation convenient. Other trailers’ rods mostly located in the center of trailer(close to main frame).2. Hydraulic suspension, hydraulic steering, platform height adjustable, for overweight and oversize cargo transport. C3.0 modular trailer Specification Width (mm)2990Height (mm)1200±300Wheel base(mm)1510Track (mm)1780/770Tyre215/75R17.5 16PRRim 6.00-17.5Turning angle of   the first axle line45°Turning radius(mm)1655(inner),   5546(outer)Loading capacity   per axle line28tonDead weight per   axle line3.4tonDrawing of 4 axle lines modular trailer for referenceDifferent combinations with various of accessories can be supplied according to customer transport needs!Carol HY +86 18629072795Welcome to buy good quality and nice design cometto series modular trailer, cometto series hydraulic modular trailer, cometto series multi axle line trailer for oversize hauling and oversize load, heavy hauler/heavy trailer/heavy equipment transporters/heavy equipment mover with Xi'an Hyzer, which is one of the leading such manufacturers and also a professional supplier in China. We now have machines for sale. You can check the specifications and the products' photo with our factory.

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