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Front loading trailer, China realiable front loading trailer
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:14

Front loading trailer – detachable gooseneck trailerEspecially for the transport of high and voluminous loads, where every millimeter loading height counts, but also for high construction machines, extremely low loading platform trailers are in great demand. Front loading trailer – the most varied lowboy trailer (low loader trailer) is for these operations. Its gooseneck is detachable from the drop deck so that equipment can be driven to the drop deck at the front end of trailer. Feature                                Carol HY +86 186290727951. Gooseneck is hydraulic and detachable, easy for crawler machinery climbing on the deck.2. Gooseneck is detached by large hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the trailer. 3. High tensile structure steel.4. Constructed of original main beams and welded with corresponding extra strong cross member.5. Heavy duty fixed type gooseneck ensuring maximum strength and durability incorporating thick sliding plate.6. "I" type main beam.7. Side swing bracket of 300mm on both sides for extending the width of trailer.8. Hydraulic detachable gooseneck front loading trailer is fast and easy to detach.Drawing for referencePhotoCarol HY +86 18629072795Welcome to buy good quality and nice design front loading trailer, china realiable front loading trailer, 80-100ton front loading trailer, removable gooseneck trailers/detachable lowboy trailer/detachable gooseneck trailers with Xi'an Hyzer, which is one of the leading such manufacturers and also a professional supplier in China. We now have machines for sale. You can check the specifications and the products' photo with our factory. url:

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