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Draw bar for multi axle line trailer, towing bar for hydraul
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:17

Draw bar (towing bar)People choose gooseneck or draw bar to connect with hydraulic modular trailer according to actual transport demand.FeatureThe following is situation to use draw bar:1. When turning in narrow road, need manually steering on whole trailer, it is easier to use draw bar instead of goose neck.2. Gooseneck cannot be worked with 4 or 3 files trailers (when trailer modules connected side by side), only draw bar can go it.3. When trailer is smaller than 7 lines, it is better to use draw bar, because short trailer cannot conduct enough hydraulic pressure to gooseneck.4. For manual control steering, draw bar is easier than gooseneck.Carol HY +86 18629072795Welcome to buy good quality and nice design draw bar for multi axle line trailer, towing bar for hydraulic modular trailer, draw bar for module trailer with Xi'an Hyzer, which is one of the leading such manufacturers and also a professional supplier in China. We now have machines for sale. You can check the specifications and the products' photo with our factory. url:

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