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Suspended Magnetic Separator
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:53

Magnetic plate separators are often designed for uses in chutes or suspension over conveyed product. The range of plate magnets are constructed from a magnetic stainless steel casing,Website:, which projected magnetic stainless steel poles for an enhanced field intensity. People often call Plate Magnets, Plate Separators, Magnetic Steel Plate or Suspension Magnet and so, according its material, its way of assembly or its functions.Installed on the bottom side of a chute, a Plate Magnetic separator will provide max protection as material travels through the powerful magnetic circuit. The magnetic field on face of the Plate Magnet reaching into the material stream and pulling the ferrous particles to the magnetic face. The magnetic field on a Plate Magnet is strongest at the surface and become weaker the further distance.It is important to know the suspension height of the magnet face relative to the bottom of the material burden. This information will help in the proper selection of magnet strength. Plate Magnets can be made in various strengths to optimize performance in various depth product streams. The shallower the product stream, the better the separation results will be. Heavy duty factory fabricated hinges, handle, and locking latches are provided for simple installation and maintenance. Magnet Plates are an inexpensive form of magnetic protection against occasional tramp iron contamination. The magnet plates can be used in a wide range of industries and are commonly installed within a chute or over a conveyor. Magnetic plates can be manufactured with either a strontium ferrite, or a high-intensity neodymium iron boron (rare earth) magnet system. The more powerful neodymium magnets solution is advised for removing much finer iron particles from powders and foodstuffs.To extract ferrous from deeper burdens and enhance throughput rates, our magnetic separators can supply a dual deep magnetic field separator. All plate magnets are virtually free maintenance, with a long life service , and not affected by wet conditions.Advantages of magnetic separator:We offer a range of magnetic plate separators, suitable for most applications: -primary’ separators to eliminate larger particles -secondary’ separators to improve the quality of your product, removing particles down to sub-micron size-with manual or fully automatic cleaning systemsSpecification:Plate Magnets usually have a 1" flange around the perimeter that is non-magnetic. This flange is used to seal the magnet shut to prevent magnetic field from leakage. If the spout you are trying to protect is 12" wide, a 14" wide should be need it. It is recommended that angle material is welded to the outside of the spout in order to allow the overlapping flange to seal magnetic field. Plate Magnets suspended over conveyed products can have a flat face design if product is not coming in contact with the magnet. Different types of plate magnetic separators:Applications & Adaptation:Suspension permanent magnetic separator is mainly used to clear granular, flake and lump (such as maize, sugar, flour, ores, slag, plastic, wood, etc.) material in the ferromagnetic impurities (such as bolts, nuts, nails, wire, iron slag, etc.), widely used in ceramics, electricity, mining, plastics, chemicals, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigments, metallurgical and other industries.

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