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Extruder Hopper Magnets
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:53

Hopper Magnets for Injection Molding MachineMagnets for injection molding machine hoppers - temperature resistance of up to 120 °C At present we are offering also magnets to be installed into injection molding hoppers,Website:, with a temperature resistance of up to 120 °C. They are also equipped with very strong NdFeB rare-earth magnets, but with remarkably higher temperature resistance.Possibility of demagnetizing is the top benefit of the magnet. Demagnetizing can be carried out by loosening a locking screw and shifting magnetic cores out of stainless steel tubes. Due to this feature, cleaning job is very quick, comfortable and the trapped metal particles will fall off.Features :-Long lasting: Lifetime Guarantee of Permanent Magnet Strength-High surface gauss: Less than 1% magnetic loss in 100 years-Non-pollution: pharmaceutical, food grade and 3A dairy metal finishes available-Low energy consumption: Low maintenance costs-Finest of Magnetic Materials used meeting IMA/MMPALead time:  Equipped with standard magnetic bar size, 7-10 days;Customized made magnetic bars are acceptable, within 10-15 days.Specification:Length is adjustable as per customers’ request.The round style hopper magnets are available in 16 standard diameters ranging from 4" to 36" with either Ceramic or Rare Earth magnetic construction. We can supply also magnets with different dimensions. Using the following table, you may order the hopper magnets for your machine directly. Round Grate Magnet specification:Rectangle Grate Magnet specification:Customized Made Service:Special sizes are also available. We’re able to produce as per your specific requirement of size and application range.The related products you may interest:

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