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Magnetic Bar With External Thread
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:55

Features :1. Standard bars is 25mm(1 inch) in diameter and any length per customers request,Website:, the Max length up to 2500mm, square or other magnetic tubes with different shapes and dimensions are also available. 2. GME magnetic bar usually made of seamless 304 stainless steel tubes or 316 stainless steel tubes can be fine polished and full welded to meet food grade or pharmacy application . 3. Usual max working temperature is 80, we can offer up to 350 to meet your special applications. 4. Various ends-nail head, thread hole, double screw bolt and other kind ends are also available. 5. By using ferrite magnets or different grade rare earth magnets, different magnetic strength are available to meet every customers requirement, the highest magnetic strength of Diameter 25mm(1 inch) tubes can achieve 12,000GS(1.2T). Specification:1. 304 and 316 stainless steel casing are both available.2. Round and square shape .3. Standard diameter of magnetic bar is D19,D22,D25,D32mm. Length can reach up to 1000mm. Other size can be customized.4. Magnetic field strength can reach at a surface Gauss Level(8000-12000Gs).5. Max working temperature of standard products :≤80°C. Max working temperature can be ≤ 300°C if need.6.Various design of the end: sealed, drilled, tapped holes, male thread or with bolt, or as your request.Lead time: 7-15 days.Applications Range of Magnetic Bar:Magnetic bars are the main part of different magnetic grate separators. They can effectively remove ferrous chips and metal particle from loosely packed, free flowing materials.-Water treatment-Chemical industry-Food industry-Recycling industry-Pharmaceutical industry-Plastic process industry-Other liquid(hydro- material) separation applicationUsing Methods of Magnetic Bar with Male ThreadThe Male thread on top ends of magnetic bar to hold bars on a simple frame. Any rust, swarf or other metals contaminated in liquid  will be attracted to magnet bar by the strong magnetic strength.It will benefit from passing through the powerful simple filter (magnetic grid). The filter can get rid of the oxide particles, particles and impurity in liquid or solid material because of the strong magnetic flux.Thereby, increase material flow, reduce the power consumption and maintenance cost. Protect against the damage of equipment, prolong the life of equipment.Customized made Magnetic Bar Types:How do magnetic bar work? How are grate magnets constructed?Typical construction of a magnetic bar is shown. Not shown is the 304 or 316 stainless steel tube in which this stack of magnets and steel washers (or pole pieces) is inserted. Most of the bars are made with tubes of non-magnetic stainless steel with an assembly of magnets inside. The stainless is sealed shut, usually with a weld, which keeps the magnets free from contamination. The magnets inside the tube are usually arranged in a row, usually with ring magnets sitting on a shaft. The magnetization direction each successive magnet is assembled in the opposite direction, so that the direction alternates with each magnet. By this specific arrangement , around the assembly can create a more powerful magnetic field, an extremely high magnetic field right at the steel "pole pieces," and can exceed 10,000 gauss, even 12000 gauss! Tiny bits of iron and steel are attracted to the magnet, with the most force in the locations where the magnetic field strength changes the most. Near the pole pieces, this setup can exert a very strong hold onto even fairly small pieces of iron or steel. The related products you may interest:        

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