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Hydraulic Pump Unit ZCB, High Pressure Hydraulic Power Pump
Tue Oct 18, 2016 09:57

Hydraulic pump unit ZCB, high pressure hydraulic power pump uni series with simple operation, wide application, high and low pressure two output, large amount of oil. The piston pump starts under low pressure to improve the effective hydraulic pressure.Hydraulic pump unit ZCB is most available for all kinds of punching, cutting, bending, jacks and other various of hydraulic equipment.ZCB2.5V/70/220V/10*(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(1) Hydraulic Power Unit Code=ZCB(2) Fluid Flow Rate: 2.5L/min ~0.52L/min(Check the chart below), V with solenoid valve(3) Max. Operation Pressure: 70Mpa(4) Motor Voltage : 220VAC, 380VAC(Check the chart below)(5) Oil Tank Volume: 10L(6) Further InformationOrdering CodePressure   barFlow   L/min.Power   KwVoltage   VOil TankOil CircuitHSCB-2.5V/70/220,380/10x1   Solenoid Valve702.5/0.520.75220/38010LSingleHSCB-2.5/70/220/10x1702.5/0.520.75220V10LSingleHSCB-2.5/70/220/10x2702.5/0.520.75220V10LDual CircuitHSCB-2.5/70/220/10x2   Solenoid Valve702.5/0.520.75220V10LTripl Circuit url:

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