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Permanent Magnets Developed For Magnetic Generator And Magne
Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:02

Among those famous permanent magnets developed for magnetic generator and magnetmotor manufacturers, it is a professional supplier in China, welcome to wholesale permanent magnets developed for magnetic generator and magnetmotor from our factory.Permanent magnets developed for magnetic generator and magnetmotor Magnetic generators(permanent magnet motor) and magnetmotor can be the necessities within of the newest world. With huge proficiency and completely clean technologies, magnetic vitality generator is utilized getting a timber for individual society. Meets each of the necessities of latest man. It produces electrical energy at a quite minimal cost, and is also compact.The magnetic generators( permanent magnet motor)and magnetmotor materials electrical energy are related with a magnetic rotor within of the generator as well as the rotor magnets. We would like to suggest you recommend some rotor magnets for your reference.Specification Size: R71.75x65.47x23.75x5.29mm Grade: N38SHCoating: NiCuNiMagnetized Direction: Radial MagnetizedResidual Flux Density (Tesla):1.23 Coercive Force (KA/m): 890 Maximum Energy Density (KJ/m_^3):273.675 Relative  Recoil Permeability:1.09981 Demagnetized Flux Density(Tesla): 0 Recoil Residual Flux Density(Tesla):1.23     Recoil Coercive Force(kA/m): 890 DrawingFeature · High quality consistency · Excellent anti-corrosion property · SST: 48/72 hours · Low weight loss  PackingAdvantages· Using permanent magnet instead of other power sources is that the magnetic power generator is not reliant on sunlight or the blowing wind in order to produce electrical energy. The perpetual magnet motor has the ability to operate continually. ·  Using a permanent magnet motor to generate electrical energy, you are environmentally friendly, because no harmful byproducts such as atomic waste or greenhouse gas byproducts are involved in the process and natural resources are preserved. In this respect, magnet power is similar to solar power and wind power. ApplicationUse these powerful permanent magnet motor to make cheap electricity from Wind, Hydro, Steam and Bio-Diesel power systems. Stop wasting up to 60% of your power energizing the coil of standard brush type alternators.  This magnetic generator is by no means standard "Automotive" alternators containing brushes and electro-magnetic coils. A PMA does not waste power by having to continuously create an energy intensive magnetic field. The old slanting method is used to try and get more power from less powerful magnets. But use our supper powerful magnets so there's no need to slant them.   url:

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