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Innovative Magnetic Sign Magnetic Receptive Material
Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:05

Among those famous magnetic receptive material manufacturers, it is a professional supplier in China, welcome to wholesale flexible ferrous sheet, magnet receptive materials, magnetic receptive sheet, ferrous magnetic sheet, flexometal sheet from our factory.Introduction of Magnetic Receptive MaterialGME magnetic receptive material is made by mixing iron powder with plastic (CPE etc). It looks like flexible magnetic sheets and has excellent magnetic receptive ability, yet it is not a magnet. It is a layer of flexible metal sheet between two pieces of printable art paper, fulfils a variety of applications as an attractive material. It's magnet receptive material that attracts all types of magnets, including flexible magnetic sheets and strips, plus ceramic and neodymium magnets. And plain, laminated with PVC, adhesive and other surface treatments are available.It is easily cut, bent, twisted, coiled, and can be machined into almost any shape without damaging its magnetic receptive properties. Unlike normal metal sheets, GME flexometal sheet doesn’t have hard and sharp corners or edges and it won’t cause cuts or injuries, and it is safe and easy to handle.Features of Magnet Receptive Materials· Available in rolls, sheets and die-cutting sheets, plain or adhesive/PVC backed· Max width up to 800mm, thinnest thickness 0.2mm· Ideal for creating walls to hold flexible magnets· Very thin and lightweight, easily for die cutting· Suitable for UV, digital, screen or litho printing· Special sizes are available upon requestSpecifications of Magnet Receptive MaterialsApplications of Magnetic Receptive MaterialSchedule Boards/Menus – use Adhesive BackedRetail Graphics – use Plain SheetFlexible ferrous tape is ideal for running around a wall so that magnets can be used to hang various items. While large flexometal sheets, are perfect for creating magnetic leader boards with magnetic dry-wipe labels.This flexible ferrous sheet is becoming increasingly popular for using as magnetic wall paper which is applied to a wall that has a layer of magnetic sheeting with adhesive. Laminating this magnetic receptive material with digital printable or other materials and printing beautiful designs and images creates wall paper that can be easily replaced. Restaurants, businesses, and home owners can easily change their wall paper according to holiday, season or their moods. The versatility of this magnet receptive sheeting creates many different decorating and advertizing possibilities.When you use such kind of flexible ferrous sheets or tapes, you don’t need to have metal in your display or packaging. These magnet receptive materials work well in interchangeable graphics, menu boards, point of purchase displays, package closures, crafts, and more. url:

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