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15t LF
Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:27

If you are looking for reliable industrial 15t lf for steelmaking, steel industry, and for melting stell from China 15t lf manufacturers, suppliers and company, or if you are checking small 15t lf price, please feel free to contact TYMEC.The 15t LF is designed and manufactured for ABBAS group located in Karachi, Pakistan and has been put into operation successfully since December 2011. Generally, the transformer required for the capacity of 15t is 2.5MVA with the electrode diameter of 250mm. the auxiliary equipment for ladle furnace is designed, manufactured and supplied as per the local site conditions.Main Technical Parameters for Ladle Refining Furnace (LF)Sn.Rated     capacity       (T)Transformercapacity      (MVA)Primary       voltage        (V)Secondary        voltage          (V)Secondary      current        (A)Electrode dia.         (mm)Rising rate(℃/min)1152.510 (6)195-1558248φ 250 (HP)≥3.5220410 (6)195-15513197φ 250(HP)≥3.5325510 (6)210-17016038φ 250 (HP)≥4.5-5430610 (35)210-17017320φ 300(HP)≥4.5-5540835210-17023095φ 350 (HP)≥4.5-56501035250-16028867φ 400 (HP)≥4.5-57601135250-16031745φ 400(HP)≥4.5-58701335270-18032632φ 400(HP)≥4.5-59801535320-24032075φ 400(HP)≥510901635320-24032991φ 400(HP)≥5111001835330-21037115φ 400(HP)≥5121202235360-24040973φ 450(HP)≥5131502835430-31042541φ 450 (HP)≥5141803235470-35046188φ 500(HP)≥5152003635500-38048336φ 500(HP)≥5162304035535-40048619φ 500(HP)≥5172504435535-40060044φ 550 (HP)≥5183005435610-45062352φ 600(HP)≥5The above data are just for your reference, details are subject to further discussion. url:

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