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Dedusting System
Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:28

If you are looking for reliable industrial dedusting system for steelmaking, steel industry, and for melting stell from China dedusting system manufacturers, suppliers and company, or if you are checking small dedusting system price, please feel free to contact TYMEC.The bag filter deduster is to extract and filter the fume from EAF, fume hood in steelmaking workshop and LF. It adopts famous brand of filter bag with high efficient automatic bag cleaning system.It is applied to the primary fume from EAF; secondary fume generated from EAF during steel tapping, material charging and unloading as well as smelting; smoke dust generated by material handling system and fume from LF. The movable hood dedusting system is one effective device for removing off gas for furnace. It is to keep a close room during dedusting process to prevent fume leakage. It is movable for easy operation and maintenance. The system is with great quality and easy operation, the structure is reasonable with high effciecncy. url:

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