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Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:46

Product Details Products NameISOPROPYLDIMETHYLCHLOROSILANESynonymsDMIPSCl; isopropyldimethylsilyl chloride; Chlorodimethylisopropylsilane; dimethyl-isopropyl chlorosilane; Dimethylisopropylsilyl chlorideCAS No.3634-56-8Purity95.0%Chemical FormulaC5H13ClSiAppearanceTransparency liquidStoragePlease store in a cool, dry place or in a cold storage room. Suggested that the glass bottle with anticorrosive bottle cap is used as packaging. Away from the acidic and alkaline environment. Away from the fire source.Safety & DocumentsMSDS of CAS3634-56-8On RequestCOA/Specification of CAS3634-56-8On RequestHS Code of CAS3634-56-82931900090Transport InformationUN 2985 3/PG 2Introduction & Application One Organosilanes; Silances;Silicones;Halogen Hydrocarbylsilanes compounds used as research chemicals, reagents, pharmaceutical intermediate, in lab research and commercial production use.Packing & Delivery Time(If in-stock ) Fast delivery of CAS3634-56-8,if in-stock 1-3 working days, should be final confirmed before PO.Our Advantages
 1.More than 10 years' experience, china manufacture of CAS3634-56-8.
 2.China factory direct sales CAS3634-56-8 competitive price.
 3.Professional team, provide chemicals custom synthesis service of  Organosilanes; Silances;Silicones;Halogen Hydrocarbylsilanes compounds from grams to ton.
 4.Experienced staff ,satisfactory service.
 5.Inquiry be replied at once or special request within 1-2 working days. url:

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