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Engine Hydraulic Piston Pump Airless Paint Sprayer SPT8600
Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:40

Engine Hydraulic Piston Pump Airless Paint Sprayer SPT8600Specification
 Max. nozzle for 1 gun: 0.065inch;
 Max.nozzle for 2 guns: 0.046inch;
 Max.nozzle for 3 guns: 0.037inch;
 Max. nozzle for 4 guns: 0.032 inch;
 Max nozzle for five guns: 0.029 inch;
 Max nozzle for six guns: 0.026 inch;
 Max Flow: 18L/min;
 Max. working pressure: 4000psi/276 bar/27.6Mpa;
 Weight: 158kg.Processible coating material
 Priming and final coating of large areas, sealing, impregnation, construction sanitation, facade protection and renovation, rust protection and building protection, roof coating, roof sealing, concrete sanitation, as well as heavy corrosion protection. url:

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