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Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:52

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-->CXMET is one of the best China tungsten manufacturers and suppliers,Website:, and we are also a professional company with productive and effective factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us, we have tungsten bar, tungsten wire, tungsten sheet, tungsten plate, tungsten block in stock for you.Tungsten rod,tungsten wire,tungsten bar,tungsten plate,tungsten sheet,tungsten crucible,tungsten boat,tungsten tube,tungsten copper,tungsten heavy alloy with a high melting point, and high hardness and good thermal and electric conductivity,It is mainly used in powder metallurgical, lighting, electronics, high-temperature furnace, erospace, chemical,and glass ceramic industries for its heat..Producte  ItemTrade  MarkSpecificationStandardTungsten  Plate and tungsten sheetW1(1-25)*(20-450)*LASTM  B760And  other  related  standardsTungsten  Rod and  tungsten bar  (1.6-70)*LTungsten  Wire (0.1-1.6)*L The tungsten bar, tungsten plate ,tungsten wire photosTugnsten copper and tungsten heavy alloy Application:             Radiation shielding         Tungsten heavy alloy part          Tungsten nickel copper alloy Tungsten crucible photosItemSintering tungsten CrucibleLathing tungsten CrucibleProcess methondSinteringLatheSpecificationOD(100~500)*WT(7~20)*H>=100mmOD(20~100)*WT(1~5)*H<=50mm Products  showTungsten boat serious:CXMET offers all kinds of evaporation tungsten boat and crystal growth tungsten boat for customers.we can usually supply 310, 320 , 350 . 210 . 360we can depend on customer requirements to prodcue tungsten boat and tungsten boat purity : 99.96% tungsten boat mainly used by evaporation and coating.ItemProcess MethodThickness(mm)Length(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)Products ShowEvaporation tungsten boat Pressing Folding0.1-0.850-10015-20010-200 Sintering tungsten boatWelding Riveting1.5-5.0150-450100-200100-200Crystal growth tungsten boatStamping0.8-5.0150-600100-200100-300Applicationtungsten with a high melting point, high hardness and good thermal and electric conductivity,tungsten is mainly used in powder metallurgical, lighting, electronics,high-temperature furnace,aerospace,chemical and glass ceramics industries for its heat, abtasion and corrosion resistance and chemical stability. 

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