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Universal Charger Can Be Used For Camcorder, Camera, Mobile
Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:55

1. Genearl decription 1.1 Scope of application This specification is intended to stipulate VIP-C026 battery charger’s electrical and mechanical characteristics,Website:, appearance, external environmental requirements, etc.2. Features of the product This charger is intelligent and it has the following features: 1、automatically identify batteries’ polarity. 2、automatically identify single or double lithium battery. 3、activate batteries with zero voltage or batteries having been protected. 4、distinguish rechargeable AA/AAA batteries from non-rechargeable ones. 5、USB output, USB is internally equipped with D+、D- terminals. The charger can charge devices that are able to identify D+、D- terminals. 6、Lithium batteries adopt precharging, constant-current charging and constant-voltage charging, thus shall not be undercharged or overcharged. 7、AA/AAA batteries adopt pulse current charging and are controlled by -△V and time, thus shall not be undercharged or overcharged.3. Environmental conditions This charger is for the purpose of indoor chargingOperating temperature0℃—40℃Storage temperature-10℃~50℃Operating humidity35%—95%Storage45%—85%Testing temperature25℃±10℃Barometric pressure70—106Mpa4. Electrical characteristics 4.1 input characteristics 4.1.1 input voltage DC10V-15V      4.1.2 input current 600mA (MAX)4.2 output characteristics 4.2.1 output voltage:DC 1.4V,DC 1.4V×2,DC4.2V,DC8.4V,USB5V 4.2.2 output current:600mA(MAX) 4.2.3 charging current:AAA*1:500mA   AAA*2:500mA AA*1: 500mA    AA*2:500 mA USB: 500mA    DC4.2V:500mA DC8.4V:500mA 4.2.4 indicating function:When the charger is connected to power, its LED light turns green and light for 5 seconds before going out. If batteries are installed and normal charging occurs, the LED light would turn red. Otherwise, it will remain off. Once charging is completed, trickle charging occurs and the LED light turns green. When non-rechargeable or bad batteries are installed to the charger, the LED light turns red and flashes.4.3 charging control:voltage control, current control, timing control4.4 charging indications:When charging MH-NI,MH-CD,3.7V,7.4V batteries, the LED light turns red. When the charging is completed, the light turns green. In case of abnormal charging or charging bad batteries, the LED light turns red and flashes. When working with USB devices, the charger can not realize its other functions and its LED light turns off.4.5  Charging feature:The product has the following five output methods,and each method must be used alone.  1、It can charge a single MH-NI、MH-CD AA/AAA battery. 2、It can charge two MH-NI、MH-CD AA/AAA batteries. 3、It can charge a single 3.7V Lithium battery. 4、It can charge a double 7.4V Lithium battery. 5、It can work with USB and charge with 5V Power input is external input, in this case, the charger can work with car lead or power adapter according to actual needs. Quality control:1). Relevant material check before production. 2). Full test after every individual process finished.3). Spots check after production packed before shipping. 4). All products must go through 3 inspections before production.Why choose us? 1). With a strong and experienced R&D team for new models. 2). 2 independent quality control departments to ensure premium goods. 3). Good after-sale service to solve your any trouble for goods in any time. 4). We are a professional manufacturer of battery, charger and power bank. 5). 1 SMT rooms, 1 dust-free workshop and over 100 workers to ensure the lead time. 6). Advanced equipments, modern machines and expert engineers to support the supply ability. 7). To choose VIWIPOW as your business partner is to the reasonable cost and considerate service. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

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