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Plate Target
Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:55

CXMET is one of the best China plate target manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with productive and effective factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us, we have plate target, planar targets in stock for you.Plate TargetCXMET is the leader of sputtering targets in china,,Always involved in development and production of coating materials for tools,glass and decorative coatings PET flakes,including Gold series,Silver series and color series,as raw materials of magnetron plate sputtering coating.Sputtering Targets For many materials and all  shape:mainly plannar target: Following the client’s need, we supply also a large range of sputtering target in various materials and dimensions, like Titanium, Zirconium, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tantalum. Other special alloys are also feasible, for new coating development.Please provide a drawing if possible when requesting a price quote for planar targets.  url:

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