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Titanium Round Bar
Tue Oct 18, 2016 11:57

#main #right #maincon .pro_item .tabcom table{border-collapse:collapse;}CXMET is one of the best China titanium round bar manufacturers and suppliers, and we are also a professional company with productive and effective factory. Welcome to wholesale products from us, we have titanium round bar, titanium round rod in stock for you.CXMET expert in supplying a variety of titanium round bars and have a large quantity high precision bars stock. Our tolerance can reach to the tolerance h7, with the 10 years exporting experience. CXMET guarantee success and access to leading products and top-quality services on the international stage at all times. Titanium Round Bar Quick KnowingNameSpecificationGradeStandardsTitanium round barDiameter    2 – 400 mm    Grade    1    Grade 6     Grade 2    Grade 7     Grade 3    Grade 9     Grade 5    Grade 10     Grade 12   Grade 36     BT1-00     BT1-0     BT3-1      BT6C     BT9    ASTM    B348     ASME SB348     AMS 4928     ASTM F136     ASTM F67     ISO5832-2     ISO5832-3     TOCT26492-1985ShapeSurfaceMonthly Output    Production     StatuesTi Square BarTi Round Bar Ti Hexagonal BarBlack,Pickling,Brightness100 tons   R     Y     MCXMET expert in supplying a variety of titanium round bars and titanium round rod alloy products, include titanium round bar, with the grade1,grade 2, grade 3,grade 4,grade5(6AL4V, 6AL4V Eli). CXMET Ti bar diameter size range between 2.5 – 400mm and meet the requirements of ASTM B348,ASME SB348,AMS 4928 and other international Standard. The diversity of our customers’ are matched by the requirements of our titanium bars and physical forms.Titanium Round Bar Equipment CXMET with a full set of titanium bar production line, perfect quality assurance system. Our titanium bar are widely used by domestic and oversea professional users fabrication industry, surgical industry and aerospace. we also maintain a large titanium bar stock and are able to fulfill orders to shortened lead times.Titanium Round Bar Inspection Equipment Titanium roundbar Application:Allof titanium round bar can be widely used in1: Structure Processing Fields,  such as: processing parts, bicycle parts;2: Chemical Axial Fields, such as: electronic equipment axis of rotation,chemical agitator;3: Titanium Fasteners: such as: titanium bolts, titanium screws, titaniumnuts. url:

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