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Single Arm Solar Street Light
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:02

Products Performance Requirements and Technical ParametersOverall technical requirements: When it's less than 35LUX, lamps are turned on automatically. Otherwise, they are automatically turned off.The working time is more than 10 hours everyday, the lamps can work normally when it continuously rains for 15 days.L Requirements on lamps: LED chips must be CREE, 130Lm/W; light source of head is 60W; system working voltage is 24V; intelligent and light activated; segmented dimming control; parameters adjustable.2 Requirements on lamp pole: H=8m; light head is 7m above the ground; hot-dip galvanized and spraying; surface is slick and clean.3 Requirements on illuminance: spacing height ratio for street light installation reaches 1:3, the radiating radius reaches 20m; color temperature 4000K-6000K; vertical illuminance: 26Lux; average illuminance is not less than 18Lux; evenness ≥0.4.4 Requirements on storage battery: outboard battery; installatiton height ≥ 5m; service life≥ 5 years; battery unit capacity 2X100Ah, single battery voltage is 12V and it adopts industrial gelled lead acid storage batteries which are dedicated to solar and free maintenance 5 Requirements on solar panel: polycrystalline PV modules; conversion efficiency≥17%, service life ≥25 years; protection class IP65, releasing qualified certificate and relevant inspection data. Parameters: solar modules power 100W/PCS*2. It can be self-designed, but no impact on the great appearance of the whole light.6 Guarantee and Maintenance: 1 year after the inspection of whole light is approved; lifelong maintenance service.Lamp Pole: wind resistance coefficient ≥36.9m/s( category 10 typhoon); service life ≥30 years; having complete releasing qualified certificate and inspection report. Parameters: texture of light pole is low-carbon GR65 steel with high quality and strength (therein SI≤0.04%, yield strength>245Mpa); material meets the executive standard: GB699-88; tapered, anywhere of the whole post should be no cracks, no lack welding, no continuous porous and no undercut. In addition, welds should be smooth, no lumps and bumps, no any welding defect and welding crack detection report should be provided. The welding criteria is carried out according to: GB/T3323一1989III. Security standard meets the requirements of national criteria: GB7000.1一7000.5一1996; thickness>4mm, hot-dip galvanized and spraying for the whole body; pole foundation: C25 concrete, foundation size and relevant pre-embedded parts are self designed.LED Lamp: LED chips are CREE imported from U.S.A, LED lighting source efficiency is 130LM/W; rated power for one light source ≥1W; lamp service life ≥ 100000 hours; good performance of heat dissipation, stable lighting efficiency greatly kept; control the luminance decrease in the LED service; luminance decrease is less than 5% in 10000 hours and less than 1% in 2000 hours, the lamp has batwing light distribution curve, the ray distribution is vertical symmetric along the road and not vertical symmetric perpendicular to the road, the maximum angle of light intensity C≥10 degree, Gama≥65 degree,color temperature of light source is 4000OK-6000K, CRI ≥ 60. Luminous efficiency ≥100Lm/W; the light body is a whole aluminum casting molded, the entire lamp is designed with streamline shape, protecting class IP65, the lamp surface is sprayed, the lamp cover must adopt anti-glare tempered glass with high strength, the cavity of electronic and light source should be isolated.Solar Panel: polycrystalline PV modules; conversion efficiency≥17%, the power attenuation is<8% in 10 years and <20% in 20 years; packed by aluminum alloy sections with high strength, it adopts sealing material(for example, TPT and EvA), which is with high strength, high transmission, resistant to ultra violet radiation. Protection class IP65, service life ≥25 years, releasing qualified certificate and relevant inspection data will be provided. Parameters: solar modules power 100W/PCS*2. (Grade A battery piece is needed). Parameters can be self-designed, but no impact on the great appearance of the whole light.Storage Battery Units: hanging type, height≥5m, service life≥5 years, battery unit capacity 2*100Ah, single battery voltage is 12V and it adopts industrial gelled lead acid storage batteries which are dedicated to solar and free maintenance. In addition, relevant inspection report will be provided.Controller: Intelligent PMW digital dimming controller for street light, it meets the IEC 62384:2006 requirement that digital controlling device is DC or AC power supply. Power≥ 60W, conversion efficiency> 96%; intelligent charge-discharge controlling system can guarantee normal light continuously for 15 rainy days. It has perfect functions, such as constant current, constant voltage, floating charge, PMW control,
 maximum power tracing; protection against reverse polarity, battery overvoltage, battery lacking voltage, input overload, output overload and short circuit. IP65 industrial quality guarantees the service life
 ≥ 15 years. url:

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