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High Mast Lamps
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:11

Chapter V Technical Requirements On High Mast Light Tender List of High Mast LightProject ContentQuantity of Main Project(Set)RemarksHigh Mast LightH=15m BCV-GD-6×100W(LED) 8 sets H=20m High Mast Light H=20m GS-PL(BX)D-30 10×100W(LED) 10 setsHigh Mast Light (Mating System Included); Flood Light; Light Source; Comprehensive Installation (Foundation Design Included)Technical RequirementsThe high mast light is composed of lamp, pole fabrication, debugging and installation. This technical specification applies to benders of all the above high pole lamps. Technical requirements on lamp panel, lamp and light sourceLight PanelH=20m: the light panel adopts bracket made of structural steel; when all metal frames, parts and lamp panels are exposed to the outdoor, they adopt corrosion protections with anodic oxidation coatings; the layout needs the match of 10x100W high pressure sodium lamp and an individual lightening rod is set up for the light panel top. The shape of lantern panel is unilateral to lighting the vehicle standing.H=15m the light panel adopts bracket made of structural steel; when all metal frames, parts and lamp panels are exposed to the outdoor, they adopt corrosion protections with anodic oxidation coatings; the layout needs the match of 6x100W high pressure sodium lamp and an individual lightening rod is set up for the light panel top. The shape of lantern panel is unilateral to lighting the toll plaza.Flood Light:H=20m, H=15m: all supporting electronics of flood light adopt international famous brands, the power of flood lamp is 100W and the light source is LED lamp.Overall RequirementsLED chips are required to adopt power products which are mature with international first-line brands (Recommended brands: CREE, LUMILEDS, OSRAM, NiChia or brands of the same grade and better ones with similar performance). It adopts packing technology of power LED chips. Also, it uses packages with functions of low thermal resistance, good heat dissipation as well as resistance to high pressure. In addition, packing materials with high refractive index and resistance to degradation are chosen (synthetic materials like silica gel, silicone resin, optically-clear glass or acrylic) to improve light-extraction efficiency and decrease the thermal resistance. Then it can guarantee LED working stability, reliability and high efficiency Allowed working temperature is not less than 135℃It adopts the structure of single LED chip, the power of each ≥1W, LED lighting efficiency≥110 lm/WLuminous efficiency of the whole lamp ≥90 lm/WThe thermal resistance of PN junction to packing base ≤ 9 ℃/W; actually measuring the welds' temperature after working for 1 hour and it should not be over 75℃Once the lamps & devices are installed, actually measuring the temperature difference, which is ≤ 10℃,among chip welds, circuit board and lamps after working stably with full load for 1 hour. (Simulated diagram of temperature test must be provided)Service life ≥50000 hours,luminance decrease is less than 25% of the initial value.Color temperature is 5000K±300K and its consistency ≤ ±5%CRI--- Color Rendering Index is not less than 75 (Ra≥75) Modular design; there is no any plug type connection between the welds and power to make it convenient for maintaining, updating and upgrading.Surroundings ConditionProducts can work reliably when temperature ranges from -15-45℃Products can store reliably when temperature ranges from -40℃~85℃Products can work reliably when the relative humidity ≤96%R.H.It will not do harm to normal working of products when they are exposed under the condition of vibration intermittently.It will not do harm to normal working of products when they are free falling during handling period.Products can work reliably when the atmospheric pressure ranges from 86~106KpaTechnical Requirements on Power ModulesThe modules working power can meet the condition of AC and DC power supply. When it is actually applied, these two types of power supply can be switched for working power of modules which will still work reliably.When it is AC power supplied, the input voltage is AC 220V(±30%); frequency: 50±2HZWhen it is DC power supplied, the tunnel of Huaijian Mountain is DC power supplied and the input voltage is DC 220V (±30%)Power capacity: more than 120% of the nominal power for lamps.The power modules have dimming function.The modules have DC-PWN wave function; that is after inputting DC 0-10V, it is converted to corresponding PWN wave as power driving signal which will adjust the duty ratio of power output and then light source brightness will be changed.Dimming signal of power input: DC 4-10V, the efficiency of dimming is not less than 85% when there is 40%-100% light source brightness.Dimming signal has latch function, for example, when inputting 5V continuously for 1-5 seconds, the light source brightness is kept at 50% even though 5V signal is not input any more.Anti-interference and filtering function: when dimming, the input signal voltage must be kept for 300-500 ms and then the dimming operation is effective.
 . Dimming inspection function: when input dimming signal is less than 3V and lasts for over 5 minutes, the light source automatically output with 100% brightness.Input resistance of dimming signal >=10KΩConnecting modeConnected with terminals (four wires are fixed on the node of terminals, one PE protective ground wire is fixed on the earth electrode of cover.1)Over-temperature adjusting function
 When PN junction temperature of LED chips is tested too high, the modules can automatically adjust output power to decrease its temperature.2) Capacity of Abnormal Operation ResistanceThat is each LED series group is driven by individual circuit with constant current in LED lamps. This circuit should guarantee safety running and stable current when abnormal condition happens, such as short circuit, LED breakdown etc.,Power coefficient ≥0.95Good heat dissipation system is needed to guarantee the temperature of lamp bead pins no more than 65℃ when LED lamps are under normal working condition.Optical Performance of Lights.Whole illuminance decrease of lampsNo more than 10% after 15000 hours working (retention rate of light output is over 90%); no more than 20% after 50000 hours working (retention rate of light output is over 80%)Each LED chip adopts optical design with individual luminous lens to make the ray-cast with precise bearing, high transmittance, stable properties for physical and chemical.Beam angle and light distribution curve of lamps will be provided. The lamps should be professional for tunnel to get great lighting effects on road and asymmetrical batwing type light distribution.The ratio between total down luminous flux and energy consumption of lamps is ≥9tu0lm/wIlluminance evenness of each lamp is ≥0.6 It should be rectangular light spot on the road when light source of each lamp radiates; when installation height is 5m, the rectangular light spot size should be length ≥ 20m, width≥ 10m, illuminance evenness≥0.6Requirements on lighting designAfter the lamps are installed according regulated installation specifications, they should meet the requirements of CJJ45-2006 standard.Laser RadiationWhen normal working, the laser radiation in the luminous area, which is 2m off the ground, can not exceed its Class I limitation classified according to GB7247.1  Lamp reliabilityMTBF of the whole lamp should not be less than 50000 hoursPerformance of lamp coverTextures and appearanceThe lamp cover, whose surface is sprayed by grey powder, adopts aluminum casting with high quality. It has good weather-proof performance. The surface should bear the mechanical stress, salt mist, vehicle exhaust and corrosion from cleaner. The color of lamps and covers are finally decided by users Protecting class of the whole light (Electronic cavity and optical cavity are included): ≥IP65, functions of moisture proof, moisture eliminating and respiratory, inner circuit board should be moisture proof and equipped with respirator which is water-proof as well as breathable to make it work normally in case there is moisture inside the lamp. In addition, the heat from self working will also eliminate the moisture.Corrosion protection capacity of lamp cover: Class IIInsulating grade of lamp Class IAppearance and StructureAppearance requirements: color of painting is uniform, no bubble, no cracks, no impurity; the coating must adhere to base material tightly; surfaces of each part should be clean and smooth. There should be no defects like scratch, crack and transformation.Dimension requirements: The appearance of lamp is finally decided by tenderee.It adopts built-in power supply. It is intelligent, adjustable and with constant current. In addition, it is designed all in one with the lamp body.Safety RequirementsLamps should meet GB7000.5 requirements and electronic controlling device, which is supplied by LED modules with AC or DC power, should meet IEC61347-2-13 as well as IEC62384 requirements.Insulation resistance in wet condition: it is tested by 500V tramegger to be not less than 2MΩDielectric strength in wet condition: it can bear trial voltage with AC 50Hz, 1500V (effective value) and there is no breakdown or flashover within the lasting 1 minute.Protection against electric shock grade: Class I  Requirements on EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)The insertion loss, disturbance voltage, radiant electromagnetic disturbance and harmonic current of LED light should meet GB17743 & GB17625.1 requirements.Other technical requirements on LED lampsIt can be exchanged if the same type lamps are used.Lamps adopt covers which are made of tempered glass with functions like non-diffusing and high temperature resistance. Lamp structure is firm and it can bear the cleaning as well as handling without transformation.Lamps have short circuit protecting functionIlluminance H=20m(H=15m): radiating radius R=100M, illuminance is not less than 15LxPowerH=20m: Voltage of lamp power is AC 220VH=15m: Voltage of lamp power is AC 220VTechnical requirements on light poleLight poleLighting devices are designed on the basis of working drawing and it should meet requirements of《Highway Lighting Technical Specification(JT/T367-1997)》,《High Post Lighting Facility Technical Specification 》(CJ/T3076-1998)H=20m: the pole is pyramid; the texture adopts Q235B steel plate, the thickness of bottom plate is 8mm and that of upper is 6mm; the inside and outside surfaces of lamp post are hot dip galvanized as well as corrosion protected; the thickness of galvanized coating should not be less than 85μm; the color of pole is silvery grey.H=15m: the pole is pyramid; he texture adopts Q235B steel plate, the thickness of bottom plate is 6mm and that of upper is 6mm; the inside and outside surfaces of lamp post are hot dip galvanized as well as corrosion protected; the thickness of galvanized coating should not be less than 85μm; the color of pole is silvery grey.The designed wind speed for the pole structure is 35m/s. When it reaches 35m/s, the horizontal deviation angle at the top of lamp pole is not more than 1/40 length above the ground.The pole arrives at the scenes by segmental transportation. Then plug type installation starts. The surface of pole should not be damaged.Accessory Equipment and FittingsElectronicsH=20m (H=15m): An electronic device cavity, which is installed with switch box, is set up inside the pole. The distribution box can control devices locally and remotely ( remote controlling terminal). For 20m high pole light, 10 flood lights can be controlled singly or by group; for 15m high pole lamp, 6 flood lights can be controlled singly or by group. The capacitor compensates (COS¢﹥=0.9) contractor, remote-control box, electronic cavity door and dormant lock. Wire and other electric devices are connected inside the pole(wire leads to flood light should not be less than 2.5mm) Breaker is installed inside the electric controlling cabinet for matching the whole light control Lightening Protection
 .H=20m (H=15m): ground connector is set around the lamp foundation; the ground resistance is not more than 30Ω; ground electrode adopts 4 piecesΦ20*1500mm clamping bits at the edge of foundation pit; the ground electrodes are connected by 40*4 galvanized flat steel to form grounding grid; the joints are welded firmly and there is no solder false; corrosion protecting oil is used on the welds; the grounding grid is led to the foundation top through its post interior by 40x4 galvanized flat steel and it will be 1.0m above the foundation top surface; it is required that the harm from step voltage is effectively avoided; the ground connector should be reliably connected with pole, lamp panel and switch box to from reliable conductive path.H=20m (H=15m) the high pole light foundation is designed by bender according to the load and the working plan of foundation reinforcement and concrete strength grade should be marked for the approval by designing institute.H=20m (H=15m) 1-2 working plans of high post light will be self designed by the bender and the optimal case is approved by designing institute for construction.Executive StandardBoth of the design and fabrication should meet relative national standards and industrial criteria, such as GBJ17-88 《Design Standard of Steel Structure》,GBJ135-90《High-rise Structure Design Standard. The lighting device is designed according to working plan and need to meet the requirements of 《Highway Lighting Technical Specification(JT/T367-1997)》,《High Post Lighting Facility Technical Specification 》(CJ/T3076-1998)Standard of Inspection & AcceptanceStandard of inspection and acceptance is 《Standard of Engineering Construction For City Road Lighting & Inspection And Acceptance》CJJ189-2001 GB50303-2002《Standard of Inspection and Acceptance On Construction Quality of Architectural Electric Engineering》GB50303-2002 And relative national and industrial criteriaPart A will inspect completely if necessary.Inspection & Acceptance, Providing Data and othersInspection: We will inspect the lamps before delivery, before it reaches the scenes and before installation. If it has problems of fabrication quality and transportation damage, the repair will be carried out until the goods are qualified for releasing and installation.Data: Before lamp manufacturing, design sketch and illuminance calculation of the high post light need to be provided; 2 copies of complete data is provided when delivering, it includes product test report, operating manual, installation diagram of  lamp panel (lamps included) , lamp pole and foundation, electric wiring diagram, operating & controlling principle diagram of the high post lamp.Tender NoticeGoods in bidding list should be provided strictly according to technical requirements Providing copies of Quality Assurance Certificate (with official seal of bender)Providing copies of production certificate of bidding products (with official seal of bender)The bid winner needs to provide product qualification certificate, operating manual and warranty certificate when delivering.The bender should provide main achievements and lists in the past 3 years.Requirements on technical documentsProduct qualification certificate and operating manual of electronic components and devicesReleasing inspection recordPacking list and lists of spare parts as well as special tools (included in the offer)The bender of high post light includes 3 parts: device, installation and debugging. They are separately offered in the quotation sheet.Except for irresistible natural factors, the bidding winner should supply products strictly according to the goods demand in bidding  documentsThe buyer only accept qualified goods.When disputes arise during the period of supplying goods, both sides need to negotiate for solving problems. If there is no agreement on negotiations, it will be settled by arbitration organizati......url:

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