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Flying Probe
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:16

Topscom offers Flying Probe (Fixtureless) test as the ideal low cost solution for electrically verifying prototypes prior to your design verification process. Overview With the rapidly increasing complexity of assemblies, electrical verification at the prototype level has become a necessity to meet time-to-market requirements. Flying Probe (or Fixtureless) test allows your engineers to focus their efforts on prototype design verification, instead of debugging process issues. Flying Probe test development is low cost and very fast, making it an ideal tool for prototype verification. There is no fixture to purchase, eliminating costly tooling procurement and allowing the ultimate in flexibility to incorporate design changes. Often used in a combinational strategy with AXI or AOI, Flying Probe allows detection and repair of electrical defects such as wrong parts, reversed parts, missing parts, solder opens, and solder bridges before they are in your engineer hands.Flying Probe at Topscom can help you improve your products time-to-market at the highest possible quality levels. url:

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