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Mechanical Design
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:22

Mechanical designers at Topcoms develop a wide range of mechanical solutions to meet the needs of product development, prototyping and manufacturing. Mechanical design activities include:Enclosure designMechanical engineeringTooling designMechanical EngineeringThe mechanical engineering team at Topscom develops static and dynamic mechanical solutions for low, medium and high volume designs in both metal and plastic enclosures. Extensive design experience with high volume materials and processes ensures high quality and efficient solutions for enclosures, interconnects, cooling, and EMI containment.Our mechanical designers work with other design disciplines to provide solutions for concept exploration, material and process research, detailed component information, bill of materials, PCB layouts, and pack-out design solutions. Our tool vendors include Pro-Engineer, Pro Mechanica, Mold Flow, Ice Pack, and Flowtherm.The engineering team validates the solutions by performing various tests and analyses including:FEA and tolerance analysisMaterial and structural analysisDFX analysisThermal simulation, modeling and testingProduction support activities include:Component sourcing servicesQuick-turn prototypesTooling designBy balancing stylish product design with the realities of manufacturing in today's global economy, Topscom helps customers rapidly move from concept to production launch while optimizing resources and reducing costs. url:

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