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Ultrasonic Anti-Reflection Glass Coating Spraying Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:43

Ultrasonic Anti-Reflection Glass Coating Spraying MachineAnti-Reflection GlassIn hot climates, Anti-Reflection glass can be used to minimize solar heat gain and help control glare. The design and placement of glass, known as fenestration, in specific areas of the building crafts the best environment for energy efficiency. In temperate regions, it can be used to equalize solar control with high levels of natural light. In more serene climates, architects employ operable windows as a cost-saving substitute to air-conditioning. Anti-Reflection Glass ResultsCHEERSONIC use self-developed ultrasonic spray equipment, through experiments proved capable of producing high-quality glass anti-reflection film. After instrumentation, the results showed that the visible light transmittance of 85%, the infrared cutoff wavelength of 1800nm, resistance of 2 megabytes per cubic centimeter or less, an average particle size of 50nm.The Effect of Ultrasonic Spraying MachineThe non-clogging nature of ultrasonic nozzles, the small and uniform droplet size created by them and the fact that the spray plume can be shaped by tightly controlled air shaping devices make the application quite successful in wave soldering processes. The viscosity of nearly all fluxes on the market fit well within the capabilities of the market. Contact CHEERSONIC today to test spray your products on our ultrasonic atomization spraying equipment.Anti-Reflection Glass Spraying Video Parameter ModelUAC40Spray HeadTitaniumFrequency40 KHZMax Power100 WattDrops Sizes30-60 micronsApplycationMedical/Glass/Electronics/NanotechnologyGenerator ModelCS100DGenerator Size315x312x135mmGenerator BrandCheersonicGenerator N/W5KgCable Length3M/5M/10MCustomizedYesPackaging & Shipping How to work with cheersonic• Visit the website for more details and send us the enquire, we will reply it within 24 hours• Welcome to visit our official website for more details and leave message on"contact us", we will reply it within 24 hours• Let our sale engineers know your condition and requirement and then we will estimate your process and let you know the solutions• We will help you test and estimate if you send us your materials for test• The ultrasonic solutions will be made according to your condition url:

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