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Ultrasonic Flat Glass Coating Spraying Machine
Tue Oct 18, 2016 12:43

Ultrasonic Flat Glass Coating Spraying MachineFlat GlassFlat glass, sheet glass or plate glass is a type of glass, initially produced in plane form, commonly used for windows, glass doors, transparent walls, and windshields. For modern architectural and automotive applications, the flat glass is sometimes bent after production of the plane sheet. Flat glass stands in contrast to container glass (used for bottles, jars, cups) and glass fiber (used for thermal insulation, in fiberglass composites, and optical communication). Flat Glass ResultsCHEERSONIC ultrasonic spray technology is unique in its ability to apply homogenous coatings of liquid suspensions containing functional nanoparticles. Ultrasonic spray is created using high frequency sound vibrations, which are converted to mechanical vibrations. As liquid is fed through the center of the ultrasonic nozzle, it is subjected to these mechanical vibrations, which continuously deagglomerate any particles suspended in the liquid, providing highly functional, thin film coatings onto glass.The Effect of Ultrasonic Spraying MachineUltrasonic atomization spraying equipment for use in the manufacture of flat glass is rarely a functional material, no waste, for enterprises to save a lot of raw materials. The mechanism of ultrasonic atomization spray equipment through the ultrasonic transducer converts the ultrasonic frequency ultrasonic generator into ultrasonic vibrations, and then by ultrasonic atomization nozzle through the air control mechanics spray of atomized droplets and spray flow rate range that can precisely control the thickness, uniformity and area of the film, and its thickness is also determined by the ultrasonic frequency, the frequency also determines the particle diameter of atomized droplets.Flat Glass Spraying Video Parameter ModelUAC120Spray HeadTitaniumFrequency120 KHZMax Power10 WattDrops Sizes0.1-10 micronsApplycationMedical/Glass/Electronics/NanoGenerator ModelCS100DGenerator Size315x312x135mmGenerator BrandCheersonicGenerator N/W5KgCable Length3M/5M/10MCustomizedYesIntroduction and Advantages  Ultrasonic spray technology has been proven successful for flat glass coating, Low-E glass, anti-stain glass coating, anti-reflection glass, and solar glass manufacturing. The new ultrasonic atomization spray surpasses the performance of older designs, allowing glass manufacturers to integrate the benefits of next generation precision ultrasonic coating into their manufacturing lines.We can test for free, and give a lot of the best solution, including the production, secondary production, assembly line, and the optimized revamping existing production lines.Packaging & Shipping   url:

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